Sunday, November 27, 2011

Card Show Pre-Game

Well, today is the day I'll be hitting up the Serb Hall Card Show. Reader Zpop was the only person who took me up on my offer to be a straw buyer for him. He sent $40, and later I'll be showing whatever I'll be able to find for him.

As for myself, I've decided to sit down and write some goals for my excursion. Going in with a plan seems to be a good idea for today.

1. Beat-up vintage
I hope to find at least a couple of really cheap cards from the '50s due to their condition. Ink mustaches, perfectly round corners, and owners' names on the front will be on my radar.
2. New Yount
I must purchase at least one Robin Yount card that's new to my collection.
3. Want Lists
I'm not looking to completely close out any set, but some progress would be nice.
4. Completely Random
I'd like to come home with at least a couple items that are spur-of-the-moment purchases. Whether it's $3 box of 1989 Fleer or a card with a piece of dress worn by an actress who never appeared in color, I want to surprise myself today.

If you're in the area, feel free to join me. If you want to stop and say hi, I'll be wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates cap and a red hoodie. Full report to follow later today.


AdamE said...

I would have taken you up but with Christmas coming I can't spend on cards. If you try again in the spring I'll bite.

dayf said...

Always gotta go in with a game plan. I still need to catch up on my card show posts. It's almost freaking December!