Sunday, November 27, 2011

Card Show Report Part 1

The cold, hard reality of this day was that I got to the card show at the wrong time. Yet, in another way, I got there just at the right time. I felt like I was in a rush, even though as I'm typing this, the show is still scheduled to go on for another hour. Some of the dealers were starting to pack up their tables when I was nowhere ready to leave. At this point in a show, however, the prices start to drop as sellers try to get as far into the black as possible. In this first post, I will show what I got for Zpop.

Zpop requested Washington Senators and Boston Red Sox. In a note he sent with his forty dollars, Zpop wrote, "My ideal would probably be to get vintage Senators, but I trust your judgment." Let the record state that someone once trusted my judgment. I suppose it helps that it's someone who hasn't ever met me, but I'll take what I can get. Well, I think Zpop will be happy with my choices. Let's start from the least expensive cards and work our way up.

Cheapo Senators
These I got from my favorite dealer. He had a box of low-grade vintage cards that were going for 50 cents apiece, with a 10-for-$4.00 incentive deal. I picked up a few of these for myself, and was lucky enough to snag some 1967 and 1968 Sens. for $0.40 each. That Frank Bertaina is in rough shape, but you have to respect a guy who wears a hat like that. He just looks like the type of guy who, when he got pulled from a game, sat in the dugout with a piece of hay coming out of one corner of his mouth and one of those foot-long Slo-pokes dangling from the other.

1960 Topps Red Sox
Since I was able to find so many Senators, I went pretty light on Sox. The seller these cards came from had two prices listed on each penny sleeve; the top shows the book value, the bottom is his price. I found the prices fair and bought a bunch from this guy.

1960 Topps Senators
I don't know much about any of these guys, but I'm guessing this is a nice head start on a '60 Topps team set. Steve Korchek's glasses are outstanding.

I topped off the purchase with a 1960 Topps Senators Coaches card. The quality of the copy on the backs of these cards never ceases to amaze me. The lot of these 1960 Topps cards came to $8.00 total with a nice seller's discount. I will be sure to visit him again.

1968 #320 Frank Howard
The last seller I bought from had more than half of his stuff put away. I had visited his table earlier and made a mental note. I quick grabbed this Frank Howard and this...

1966 Topps #70 Carl Yastrzemski
The bottom left corner of this card is a little sketchy, but the price was right. The Howard above was $2 and this Yaz was only $8. Half price, baby!

That's it for Zpop. I'd imagine I'm making his wife/girlfriend happy by sending one of his twenties back with his card haul. All in all, this was a fun experience that I'm looking forward to repeating in the future.


Tom said...

I almost bit on the offer when I first read about it earlier this week. I'm jealous of Zpop's haul.

Problem is I'm a Cub fan. I'm thinking that there probably isn't much of a discount for a team that is only 90 miles south of Milwaukee. Heck I'm 120 miles south of Chicago and Cubs cards are at a premium down here.


Retrofan said...

I wanted to, but wasn't sure what kind of Blue Jays stuff you would find. Anything else I collect would have been big $$ or scarce. Although I do have some set needs that i'd like to check off at some point.

Play at the Plate said...

That's awesome. If I had been able to get you the money, I was going to ask for vintage Senators!