Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Card Show Report Part 2

Alright, enough with other people's cards, it's time to show off what I picked up for myself at this weekend's card show. By the way, did you know that the complex in which this show is held has a bowling alley in it? I'd say about 10-12 lanes, with what looked to be at least some Miller Lite on tap. Acquire some High Life or PBR and I'm there. Not open on Sunday mornings, though.

Before leaving, I set some collecting goals. I'll work my way backwards through these in the report posts.

Goal #4: Completely Random
This is the one goal I did the most poorly on. It would be safe to say that nothing I bought was truly random. The closest I came was picking up some Brewers cards for a few of my player collections. My Yount cards are all recorded in a rigidly structured database. Prince, Braun, Gallardo, etc... these just get slipped into a binder. Here are two of my best "randoms."
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Box Score Memories #BSM-RB Ryan Braun Game-Used Jersey
I'm a sucker for Brewers cards with green color schemes, so picking this off the $5 table was a no-brainer.

2007 Just Minors #JAPr-07 Yovani Gallardo
I'm glad Yovani's not Japanese, or else I'd be offended by that extremely odd card number. From the back I can tell that JAPr stands for Just Autographs Preview. Hate the name, love the hair.

Goal #3: Want Lists
I certainly picked the right time to hit this show. My low-grade commons guy had a small stack of 1971-72 Topps Basketball, the set I'm currently collecting. The price was 10 for $4.00. No stars, but I picked out 10 NBA players. Those seem slightly harder to find than the ABA cards in the second half of the set.

Same guy also had this sweet Finals Game #2 card I needed. That's Alcindor in the foreground, ready to rebound Jon McGlocklin's rainbow J, should it not go in. Unlikely, as the Bucks shot .509 from the field as a team that year. Not sure if it's still the record or not.

My final set builder card was the last thing I picked up on the day. A Buck for a buck, #59 Bob Dandridge. The dollar I gave the seller (which itself came as change from another dealer) was so flimsy as to almost be transparent. I think the other dollars in my wallet were making fun of it. So let's say I actually got this card for 87 cents, shall we?

Thanks for reading, the third and final part will be coming soon.

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