Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nightmares on Cardboard IV: Second Place

Oddly enough, in the four years I've been holding this contest, I've never received a hand-drawn submission. Until now. Dayf (The Cardboard Junkie), thank you for this sketch, it's worth second place.

1888 Allen & Ginter N37.5 Serial Killers of America Series - Thankskilling Turkey

I placed the card against a black background for the scan, and I think it really helped the colors pop. I've been liking the sketch cards that dayf has been posting, and I'm honored to have one I can call my own.

A note in the submission envelope made it abundantly clear that (in keeping with the rules) this was not to be considered a Topps issue, but was an homage to the 1888 N37 set, Birds of America. In doing my research, I found this to be a gorgeous set. I haven't looked at every card, but it appears as if each card in the set has a design unique to itself. I even had to register with a hoity-toity consignment auction site in order to grab the following image, since I wanted really badly to find the one that dayf based his card on. I think this is the one, the N37 Wren.

I love the cage on the original, but I love the butcher knife and death mallet even more. Thanks for this one-of-a-kind piece of art, dayf! (And there really ought to be more cursing on trading cards, don't you think?)

Grand prize is all that's left. Can you figure out who it is this year?


Spankee said...

wow...and I though I was f'ed up for searching for serial killer autographs.

How much cash did Dayf send along with that card? I just want to know so that I can buy second place next year.

Awesome card, though.

carlsonjok said...

No, there shouldn't be more swearing on trading cards.


dayf said...

carlsonjok: These cards were inserted into packs of CIGARETTES! Why do you want our children to SMOKE??? Why do you want children to get LUNG CANCER!?!


Also: whenever you have your Update wantlist updated lemme know and I'll send you what I have and the stupid SASE I left out of my package.

Slangon said...

Well done, dude. I particularly like the "Serial Killers of America" font.