Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Group Break: 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate

Here's the first box in our break. Kind of an overall so-so box. Weak autos. Rangers killed it. The patch left much to be desired.

Here are the scans.


Single-color jersey cards

Hank Blalock Jersey (09/50) Current-free-agent-serial-numbered-to-jersey-number-JO!!!

Austin Kearns AUTO/Jersey (10/15)

Andy LaRoche AUTO

Kurt Suzuki AUTO (261/299)

Dan Haren AUTO

Nolan Ryan Ultimate Numbers Jersey (17/34)

Mark Teixeira Patch (15/25)


Stealing Home said...

allow me to say...DANG !!
nice clean up. almost jinxed it by offering a trade that nobody bit on.
lovin the nolan ryan. just posted last night how he was my first ever auto baseball, and my best auto pulled from a pack. now thorzul unwraps the sweet card to make my nolan ryan trio. thanks for the lucky opening, bro.

Play at the Plate said...

I've been so disappointed by breaks like this one where no Rangers showed up. Now that I didn't take the Rangers, I get disappointed again. At least now I know why there weren't any Rangers in those other breaks.

Spankee said...

I was tempted to trade for the rangers when I saw Stealing Home trying to move them. Oh well. I got shut out of that box. Hopefully the M&M willl hook me up.