Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stubs: 2002

I've just realized it's been over a year since I've done one of these ticket stub posts, and I really need to get my envelope of tickets off my Blu-ray shelf. So, here we go.

The decade-and-a-half since 1997 has been a golden age for professional soccer in Milwaukee. The outdoor Rampage won the A-League (second division) championship twice (but have since folded) and the indoor Wave have won five world titles. I'm much more partial to the outdoor game, and I have a ton of Rampage tickets from 2002. Here are some of the best.
It's always a major coup to beat a team from a league higher than yours, and the Rampage did just that in 2002, defeating the Chicago Fire in Milwaukee. I remember declaring loudly after the final whistle, "Once again, a team from Wisconsin has made a team from Chicago its bitch!" That one got a lot of laughs.

Later that summer, we lost to the Kansas City Wizards. Nothing to be ashamed of, however, as MLS teams have won all but one U.S. Open Cup since they have taken part in the competition.

I also have a pair of stubs fro the playoffs. Seeing that Vancouver Whitecaps ticket makes me wish someone would have pulled the trigger on an MLS team here. Vancouver's got one, and they suck. We beat the Richmond Kickers in the title game in Milwaukee. Not as memorable as the 1997 trophy, but it solidified the franchise's place in history.

The Wave went to the finals that year after beating Baltimore in the semis, but lost a really close game 3 to the Philadelphia Kixx at home.

This ticket must of been on the forefront of the Scan, Don't Tear admission movement. Yes, this is a coveted full ticket to a Marquette/Elon basketball game. I believe the hole punch means I was granted entrance to a luxury box at the Bradley Center. In case you want to know my thoughts on the matter, December basketball sucks. This game was so lopsided, I remember Jerry Sichting's son getting into the game.

It's not all sports here in Milwaukee. We've got culture, too! This production of Moby Dick was awesome. I'd never seen such balls-out effort on set design and special effects in a play before. Plus, it gave me the rare opportunity to be in the presence of a large number of white people.

As per the custom with these posts, you get to see the first and last movie I saw that year. Coincidentally, those were the first two installments of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. I really need to watch those again.

This is a stub from some sort of UW-Milwaukee event. It could be anything, really. I'm guessing basketball had better designed tickets, so I'm narrowing it down to men's soccer and women's volleyball. I've been to each of those events at some time in the past, so I'm going with them as possibilities.

Here's a perfect example of the hoity-toity nature of private schools. This is a Marquette men's soccer ticket stub. Compare that to the UWM stub. And, oh yeah, were were in Conference USA back then. Marquette joining your conference is a death knell.
MCC? Dead.
Great Midwest? Dead.
C-USA? On life support.
Big East? Well, that's not exactly fair, but it's going to be a shell of its former self soon if it survives.

Those are my favorite tickets from 2002. Stay tuned for more.


The Lost Collector said...

Cool! I went to a bunch of A League games in Syracuse. Always enjoyed it.

Tony Brown said...

Had free suite seats for a Georgetown game last night. November basketball is even worse than December basketball. Plus no free nachos like at the Bradley Center. Boo.