Monday, November 28, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway Haul: 1973

All three of the Diamond Giveaway cards you are about to see were obtained naturally and withstood the onslaught of trade offers. Though I'm not sure why there were so many of those.

#238 Tony Muser

White Sox players in the red color scheme are automatic keepers. However, I mainly hung on to this Muser card because I remember him being one of the Brewers coaches when I was a kid. Apparently he was being groomed to take the managerial post in the mid-1980s, but Tom Trebelhorn skipped ahead of him.

#298 Ron Bryant
This card is 1973 Topps in a nutshell.
Subject of card in the background? Check.
Opposing player larger than subject of card? Check.
Vast backgrounds of infinite darkness? Check.

#42 Mike Andrews
Another card typical of this set. Andrews is turning two in spectacular fashion, but the photographer was sitting in the upper deck. I know there are some of you out there who love to pinpoint the particular date, game, and even play depicted on a card. Any ideas on this one?

You know what? I'll try to figure it out for myself.
The player sliding into second appears to be on the Red Sox or Tigers. Frank Howard wore #33 for the Tigers, but they did not play the White Sox any later than July 19, and Howard was acquired around September 1. Pitcher Marty Pattin wore #33 for the Red Sox in 1972, pitched against the White Sox twice, but failed to reach base in any of his plate appearances.

Another possibility is that #33 is a California Angel. I found out that first baseman Bob Oliver wore #33 for the Angels in 1972. In a game played at Anaheim Stadium on September 17, Oliver reached base to lead off bottom of the second inning on a passed ball strikeout. The next batter, Doug Howard, grounded to third and Mike Andrews made the putout at second, which means that #33 Oliver was out at second. This is the best I could come up with after searching for about an hour. However, I think the Angels had red numbers on their uniforms in 1972. Plus, I'm not sure that #33 on the card is even black. Groan.

Other AL teams with dark helmets and numbers that I've ruled out:
Yankees - No #33
Twins - No #33
Rangers - #33 Frank Howard not found in any out-at-second situation.

Let's look at who's left:
Orioles: No #33
Indians: #33 pitcher Lowell Palmer, no plate appearances in 1972
Brewers: Uniform not even close
Athletics: Ditto
Royals: Ditto

So Bob Oliver is my closest guess, though I'd welcome anyone to prove me wrong. (And who knows, this is probably a Spring Training game, where everything's up for grabs.)


Wrigley Wax said...

That Andrews cards is a real puzzler. The field has artificial turf, with the square cutout at second base. The Royals spring home, Terry Park Ballfield in Ft, Myers, FL, did have astroturf, though I'm not sure when it was installed. Plus, if you take a look at Freddie Patek's 1973 card, you get almost the exact same look.

In 1972 Comiskey Park was the only AL stadium with Astroturf, and it was only in the infield. So this has to be a spring game.

But, #33 on the 1972 Royals was...Bob Oliver, at least up until he was traded to the Angels in May.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, I thought it looked like turf, too. Looks like I was right about Bob Oliver, just had him on the wrong team. Gotta be him in a Spring Training game. And Terry Park Ballfield is listed as having turf during the Royals tenure.

Retrofan said...

It is the Cleveland Indians Ted Ford. It must be a mid season shot, as he was traded to Cleveland in May. I don't know when this set was released but it's also possible it's an older photo from as early as 1971 or 72 as he was traded from Cleveland to Texas on April 3rd 1972, and then back in May of 1973. He wore number 33 in 1973 as is seen here:

Retrofan said...

Here is some more proof through a photo of Gaylord Perry in 1972 that supports my argument. You can tell the numbering is the same, and also make out the red, white and blue sleeve and neck band colors.

gcrl said...

that card drives me crazy. i had figured it to be oliver as a royal when i featured the card a couple of years ago.
part of that was based on the 1973 freddie patek card which sure looks like it was taken from nearly the same spot in the same stadium. both cards feature white sox players, and patek is in the home whites, so i assumed number 33 was also a royal.
i may well be wrong.