Saturday, November 26, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway Haul: 1974

#178 Garry Maddox

Everyone and their mother wanted to trade me for this card. I suppose I generally would have accepted offers of older cards for more recent ones, but the 1973/74 Corollary flies in the face of this doctrine. I've always liked the '74 set, although I wish the backs, with their dark green ink, were easier to read. Always better than '73 in my book. This was another natural redemption, and it fit well within the scope of my search for beards and hair, as Maddox is seen here sporting plenty of each.

While Garry accomplished much in his career, including eight straight Gold Gloves and the 1980 World Series, the best clip I could find on YouTube was the tough 10th inning he had in the clinching game of the 1978 NLCS for the Dodgers against his Phillies. His error on Dusty Baker's fly ball allowed LA to keep the inning alive. The next batter, Bill Russell, hit a ball that skipped past Maddox, allowing Ron Cey to score from second. Cey probably would have scored anyway, but the fact that Maddox couldn't come up with it made it academic.

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Josh D. said...

And now he's on the board of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve! What a guy.