Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trade Me Anything V #15

Ztrade for zcards from Zpop...

This trade was so chock-full of want list goodness! There were even cards in there I didn't know I wanted that I wanted! Here are five of my favorites.

1. 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter National Animals #NA3 Falcon - Iceland
"You saved us a lot of money on car insurance. I used that money to buy a falcon. Ergo, you bought me a falcon."

2. 2011 Topps Gumball Champions Mini #KC-10 Ichiro
I actually had this one in my cart at CheckOutMyCards, and I've just happily removed it.
"You saved me 50 cents by sending me an Ichiro. I used that money to buy a sticky hand from a vending machine. Ergo, you bought me a sticky hand."

3. 2010 Upper Deck Season Biography #SB-87 Prince Fielder (w/Ryan Braun cameo)
A team that goes 82-79 is a winning team, yes?
Then quit your fucking complaining.
That is all.

4. 2008 Topps Chrome #11 Yovani Gallardo Copper Parallel (428/599)
Awesome, awesome card. This will look good next to all of the other Yo cards with the same pose.

5. 2008 Topps Chome #165 Chris Carpenter X-fractor
Still working on this X-fractor set, and I really appreciate the help. Down to needing 59 more of these, still a lot, but no longer impossible.

Zthanks, Zpop!

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Spankee said...

You managed to quote the SECOND-best falcon commercial on TV. Her is #1:

"Its' good to be back in Boston, YEAH!!!"