Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Card-vent Calendar: December 20

December 20, 2011:
1995 Graffiti Goldeneye 007 #Q5 Gadgets of Q Insert

Hmmm, they don't come much more oddball than this, do they? An insert card from a movie trading card set. Let's flip this over, see what the gadget is.

A Piton Gun, sweet! That damn dam scene in Goldeneye still holds up damn well today. I really need to check that one out again, and I think it's in my first Bond box set.

Speaking of Bond, this reminds me of my honeymoon. Each night, we took part in a progressive trivia game. Our team (we paired up with a retired couple, so our knowledge base was well spread out) nabbed maximum points when we had to list as many actors to play Bond as possible.

Although he wasn't officially counted, one man's name came up. Which begs the question: Do you count Peter Sellers or not?

By the way, our team came in second in a very close finish. One of the players on the winning team had previously been on Jeopardy!, so no shame in that.

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