Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Card-vent Calendar: December 24

December 24, 2011:
2003 Star Wars CCG #76 Luke Skywalker

Every time the show Family Guy happens to start when I'm watching TV, I check it out for a minute or two, then turn it off. Friends of mine with good senses of humor seem to enjoy it, but I just can't get into it. There must be something I'm missing.

The reason I bring this up when receiving a Star Wars card in the Card-vent Calendar is that I've seen some of the different Family Guy Star Wars parodies for sale in stores. I've watched a couple of clips of these online, and they seem much funnier than the normal episodes. Is this something a non-fan of the show might enjoy? It's not that I hate the show, it's just a little too hit-or-miss for me. I understand why certain jokes are meant to be funny, but it seems more like the kind of comedy meant for stupid people who needs the jokes force-fed to them. What do you think?

"Great, kid, don't get cocky."

"Great, kid, don't get penisy."

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