Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Card-vent Calendar: December 8

December 8, 2011:
2006-07 Fleer Platinum Influence #PI-RF Randy Foye

Rarely do you see a baseball card (or that of another sport) show up in a photograph on another card. Rarer still, it's a card you would want to have. Indeed, I would like to own the Michael Jordan rookie card Foye is holding. Alas, there are other collecting goals that supersede such a desire. Such is the life of a collector.

Upon further review, it looks as if every player in this insert set was holding the Jordan card, even Matt Leinart and A.J. Hawk.

This would have been so much cooler if each player could have chosen a card of someone he idolized growing up. Granted, almost everyone idolized Jordan, but a little personalization would have been nice.

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