Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Card-vent Calendar: December 9

December 9, 2011:
1996 Topps Stadium Club #299 Fernando Vina

That is an outstanding home plate collision! You don't usually see them happen that far off the ground. I'm counting three tippy-toes and one foot in the air. Were the rules different in 1995? Was home plate suspended from above with a rope, like in a WWF ladder match? Did the player attempting to score have to jump up and slap home?

I'd like to think Vina was safe, but he was most likely out. If this game took place during the regular season (which is very likely, as the background looks like County Stadium), I've pinpointed this moment as occurring in a June 14, 1995 day game against the Texas Rangers. Fernando Vina led off the third inning with a single. The next batter, Jose Valentin, walked, sending Vina to second. After Greg Vaughn struck out, Darryl Hamilton came to the plate. The Brew Crew pulled off a successful double steal. Vina swiped third, and Valentin took second. It appears as if Vina got a little greedy and tried to get all the way home as the throw was relayed to second. Unfortunately, Ivan Rodriguez was able to apply the high tag, and Vina was out at home.

The inning turned out okay, though. Hamilton walked, Matt Mieske reached on an error, scoring Valentin. Kevin Seitzer then hit an RBI single before a John Jaho groundout ended the inning. The winning pitcher ended up being Sid Roberson. He's a guy I've never heard of. He had 26 appearances for the Brewers in 1995, his only year in the majors. I'm in the process of organizing all of my Brewers cards by player, and I can't recall a Roberson showing up.


Reds Card Collector said...

That's a sweet card. Almost looks as though Pudge gave Vina a knee to the twig and berries!

Milwaukee Southpaw said...

It's too bad there isn't a card of the forearm shiver Vina took from Albert Belle years ago. :)