Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Card Show Report Part 3

It's time to finally put this card show to bed. Hell, it's been over a week and I haven't gotten to my first two goals yet. Let's see how I did.

Goal #2: New Yount
A general, unspoken rule of a Milwaukee card show goes like this: If you put a Robin Yount jersey card out on an Every Card Five Bucks table, don't expect it to be there for long. This is 2005 Upper Deck SP Authentic #82 Game-Used Stripe (014/199). I haven't even checked yet, but I might even have this card.

*Runs to check.*

Nope, I just had the base card, so this certainly qualifies as "New Yount."
Got a couple more.

1992 Upper Deck All-Star FanFest All-Star Heroes Gold Parallel #44
This card has been in and out of my COMC cart a few times. Waiting paid off, as I was able to knock a few cents off the price.

1993 Police (Wausau)
This is the fifth of these that I have, all form different police forces. Wausau is in north-central Wisconsin. Imagine a dartboard with an outline of the state on it. Wausau is the bull's-eye. On the back, Robin warns of the dangers of drugs. "Call it what you want, pot, grass, crack, speed, angel dust, or coke..." I'm going to go with angel dust, Mr. Yount. (Speaking of which, here's a link to the old anti-drug commercial where the dealer turns into a snake. That's great and all, but the one I remember more was the one where the dealer says something like, "You like flying? I got something that'll really make you fly." Can anyone back me up on this? I can't seem to find it on YouTube.)

Goal #1: Beat-up Vintage
More than I usually pay for a 1959 Topps card, but I had to have this one. I still think it's a steal.
1959 Topps #419 Milwaukee Braves / Checklist

The rest of these were 40 cents apiece. I would have grabbed more, but eventually the condition of the cards in the pile got into places even I don't care to venture. There's a '59 Whitey Herzog with a bite out of it that I've seen appear at every show over at least the past two years.
1959 Topps #406 Solly Drake

1959 Topps #29 Jim Bolger
Grabbed Grandma's glasses by mistake.

1959 Topps #109 Bob Schmidt
This is my favorite of the bunch, with a possible burn mark in the upper left corner. In your left hand you can hold your Chesterfield non-filter, or you can hold your Bob Schmidt card, but you can't do both. This card paid the ultimate price for one man's hubris.

1959 Topps #98 Arnie Portocarrero

1959 Topps #403 Clem Labine
Beautiful signature despite the near-catastrophe resulting from trying to do too much within his first name. That being said, Labine seems like a guy I should know more about. Relief pitchers just didn't get the same respect back in his day.

1957 Topps #155 Jim Brosnan
At last, a doctored card. This card must have been altered somewhere in the years 1959-1963, Brosnan's years with the Reds. However, was the line through the "Chicago" on the jersey really necessary?

There you have it, my trip to the card show. There were a few random Brewers unworthy of posting here, but you got to see most of my haul.


deal said...

Been building 1959 set since 2007. And it took till this past wkend for me to find the Solly Drake Card. Had to go the full dollar to get mine though. Nice job on the vintage.

shoeboxlegends said...

I definitely recall the anti-drug commercial you're referring to. I seemed to remember a "Hey kid" or something at the beginning, like "Hey kid, you wanna fly? I got something that'll REALLY make you fly".

Another one I remember vividly is the "I learned it from watching YOU!!!" commercial.