Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas El Cheapo Group Break: AL East

American League East

Team: Red Sox
Buyer: Zpop
I'll have to say, I was underwhelmed by the Red Sox haul. None of the '71 Topps showed up, but at least they built the second-tallest stack.
2008 Topps Co-Signers #077 Mike Lowell / J.D. Drew Red Parallel (070/100)

How about a guy who doesn't get a ton of hobby love?
1987 Hygrade All-Time Greats Jimmie Foxx

Team: Yankees
Buyer: The Diamond King
Plenty of good cards in here, but nothing spectacular.
1982 Renata Galasso #2 Yogi Berra
I'd never run across any of these before. Apparently, Renata Galasso was a baseball card dealer form Queens, NY, who built what at the time was the largest baseball card business in the world. Here's a link to a collection of great vintage photos.

What would one of these posts be without one of these?
1971 Topps #131 Curt Blefary, #263 John Ellis, #234 Jim Lyttle

2002 Fleer Fall Classic Hall of Fame #9 Lou Gehrig (1626/1939)

1999 Upper Deck Powerdeck Babe Ruth CD-ROM

Team: Blue Jays
Buyer: D a V e
You cards are being held hostage until you send payment. None of them beaver nickels, either.

Team: Orioles
Buyer: Kevin
Here's perhaps the most astonishing thing to come out of this lot.
44 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week #14 Cal Ripken, Jr.
Some are in sleeves, some aren't. I have an inkling this came from some dealer's overstock, and now they're on their way to a good home.

1971 Topps #29 Don Buford, #137 Marcelino Lopez

Team: Rays
Buyer: dayf
The Cardboard Junkie traded me the Pirates to get the Rays. Let's see who comes out ahead.
2000 Royal Rookies #21 Paul Hoover AUTO (2816/4950) and #20 Dustin Carr AUTO (2891/4950)
Carr made it as far as AAA Durham. Hoover played every position except pitcher in the minor leagues, and got into 40 MLB games with the Rays, Marins, and Phillies (as recently as 2010). That Rookie Card top loader is nice and yellowed for you too, dayf.

2003 Fleer Mystique Die-Cut #129 Chad Gaudin (037/200)

2006 Topps Co-Signers #DUO-C 89 Julio Lugo / Aubrey Huff Parallel (056/150)

Hmm, maybe dayf had a premonition, snagging two AUTOS and two serial numbered cards.

We'll palindrome across the country next, starting with the NL East.


dayf said...

After I saw Vintage unexpectedly pop up in this lot I was terrified about trading away the Pirates. I still am, but the autos are cool.

Retrofan said...

If releasing of hostages is ever needed, I could be persuaded to make that payment.

D a V e said...

Paid. May I see my Cards?