Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas El Cheapo Group Break: AL West

That lying bastard. Finally, FINALLY, the group break cards arrived this afternoon. Scratch that. They arrived in a box with a December 12 postmark. That son of a bitch told me he mailed them last Thursday.
Whatever, they arrived safe and sound, and I've just finished sorting them into team piles. For some reason, the Cincinnati Reds ended up with by far the tallest pile, even after all of the 1989 Donruss and 1988 Topps got pitched into the giveaway box. We won't be seeing those cards today, though, as we're going to criss-cross the country, starting with the American League West. Let's see some of what the breakers will be getting.

Team: Angels
Buyer: IkesCards
In addition to his usual Cardinals, IkesCards went with the option for a random team, and ended up with the Angels. This was a pretty nice lot, starting with these:
1971 Topps #43 Steve Kealey and #15 Andy Messersmith
Surprisingly, a few team bags full of vintage cards, mostly '71 Topps, ended up being in this lot. Most of the teams that were around then ended up with one or two of these, so keep your fingers crossed if you team isn't in the AL West. The Messersmith has a big, bad crease, but I think it's the only one like that.

There was also this 2003 Upper Deck Vintage #5 Nolan Ryan. This is believed to be a short print from the set, but don't quote me on that. The $4 sticker is a bit speculative, but it's still a nice card.

Team: Athletics
Buyer: jschris
The trend continues, with 1971 Topps #258 Dick Green.

One of the coolest cards in the lot, 2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame #CO-RJ1 Reggie Jackson (33/50).

And we bear witness to a mini-Bip. That's 8 1990 Fleer Mark McGwire #C-20 box bottoms. I wish Topps would bring these back. We got a taste a couple of years back with UD's O-Pee-Chee product, but I don't believe there's been any box bottom cards since.

Team: Rangers
Buyer: Thorzul
I traded Zpop the Nationals/Expos after he requested them in exchange for his Rangers. Let's see how that worked out.
2007 Bowman Sterling #BSP-EM Emerson Frostad Refractor (165/199)
Emerson Frostad? That sounds like a name straight out of Tolkien. "Emerson Frostad, I know the likes of no greater friend in all the Shire."

1987 Donruss #99 Bobby Witt AUTO
"To Roy,
Best Wishes
Bobby Witt"

Well, at least I saved this card from being hacked up by Upper Deck and sold a a cut signature.

Ooh, a nice 1971 Topps Washington Senators lot.
Who knew a bunch of cards from the team that became the Texas Rangers would pop up? Certainly not Zpop, who had me shop for those very same Senators a few weeks ago, only to blindly and unwittingly trade them to me. Weird.

Team: Mariners
Buyer: Thorzul
1989 Mother's Cookies #3 Ken Griffey, Jr.
Choosing the Mariners in a random lot is usually a good bet. It's not a question of if the Griffeys will appear, but how good they will be. This one's a keeper.

1997 Topps Chrome #AR14 Alex Rodrguez Refractor
Cards of this dude tend to emerge from M's lots, as well.

2005 Playoff Prime Cuts #19 Ichiro (257/449)
This guy, too.

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C30 Ichiro (0992/1959)
Already got one of these, so this will probably be going up for sale soon.

Up next: AL Central


FanOfReds said...

Yay Reds! Maybe this break will treat the Reds better than the break I held where I ended up with exactly ZERO Reds cards out of the Tier One 6 box case.

Play at the Plate said...

I'll make a trade for those Senators if you're looking to move them.