Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas El Cheapo Group Break: NL East

Team: Braves
Buyer: dayf
Let's start things off with what was the lowest numbered card of the break.
2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame #CO-OC2 Orlando Cepeda (07/15)
My mind doesn't automatically think "Braves" when Cepeda's name is mentioned, but it was his second longest stint with a team after the Giants.

A quartet of 1971 Topps, #244 Bob Tillman, #463 Tom Kelley, #8 Mike McQueen, and #81 Felix Millan
Kelley is baked. Mike McQueen reminds me of Steve McQueen. Did you know there's a young actor now named Steve McQueen. Apparently it's his grandson. That must suck, knowing that no matter what you do, you'll never be as cool as your grandpa.

There's also this.
Some sort of Uncirculated 2003 Bowman #82 Marcus Giles (115/245)
There's a nasty mark left by an old price sticker on the top right corner of the case, and the seal sticker has seen better days. I see work as a paperweight in this card's future.

Team: Nationals/Expos
Buyer: Zpop
This lot was heavy on the Expos, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Here's the best National.
2007 Topps Moments and Milestones Black Parallel #69 Ryan Zimmerman 54 Runs (21/29)

1972 Topps #657 Bobby Wine
This is the first card in Series 6. Perhaps the most desirable card to come out of the break, as those '72 Topps high numbers are hard to come by. Pretty damn good shape, too, except the bad centering.

Another year of cards popping up only once or twice in this break.
1970 Topps #109 Expos Rookie Stars Garry Jestadt and Carl Morton

And the requisite '71s...
1971 Topps #157 Bob Bailey, #21 Dan McGinn, #142 Mack Jones, #232 John Strohmayer, and #59 Gene Mauch

Team: Mets
Buyer: Thorzul
Should Dwight Gooden ever write his autobiography, I get to title it. Based on this break, I'd call it A Shitload of Gooden, because that's what I got. None of it worth showing, however, but there were also these.
1971 Topps #183 Gil Hodges, #83 Mets Rookie Stars Tim Foli and Randy Bobb, #104 Dan Frisella, and #115 Donn Clendenon
It's shocking that Gil Hodges is not in the Hall of Fame, just shocking. I'm guessing the Veterans Committee will someday let him in.

Team: Phillies
Buyer: daddyohoh
1969 Topps #599 John Boozer
The only one from this set to pop up. Nice card.

Only a pair of '71 Phillies.
1971 Topps #23 Oscar Gamble, #233 Larry Bowa
This is pre-fro Oscar, and it's beautifully mis-cut. I've identified that as part of a Kansas City Royals card sneaking up into frame.

1981 Fleer Star Sticker #79 Bob Boone
I found about ten or so of these in the lot, so some of the rest of you might be getting one. Great set, something I'd eventually like to collect.

Team: Marlins
Buyer: BS
There weren't really any good Marlins cards at all, so I'm settling on this one as the best of a bad bunch.
1998 Topps Chrome #356 Bobby Bonilla

Yeah, these teams with short histories don't always do so well. You take what you can get, though.

Next Division: NL Central, where dayf cries into his beer after letting go of the Pirates.


FanOfReds said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the reveal of the large stack of Reds. Might there be a nice Larkin that I don't have lurking in there?

deal said...

For the lucky Phils fan the 69 Boozer card is also falls into the high number. Nice vintage pulls.