Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas El Cheapo Group Break: NL Central

I don't think I've done a post with this many pictures in a while. The NL Central had some good cards emerge, some teams did better than others, and as always, there were a few surprises.

Team: Cubs
Buyer: Tom
Traded Bippings are rare, and here we witness one in the wild.
1990 Topps Traded #126T Hector Villanueva
Accumulating a ton of Hector's rookie cards might have seemed like a good idea at the beginning of his career. Now, not so much, but you can pretend the cards make a puzzle and fit together at the corners.

1971 Topps #203 Larry Gura

Team: Cardinals
Buyer: IkesCards
2001 Topps Gold #417 Alan Benes (1847/2001)

Not much else intriguing here, but there were some nice Ozzie Smith cards.
1986 Fleer #46 Ozzie Smith

1991 Fleer Ultra #296 Ozzie Smith

Team: Pirates
Buyer: Thorzul
Arrrrgh, I was just giving dayf a hard time. Both the Pirates and Rays had nice lots, but I think the Bucs had it a little better.
2003 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Etched in Time #ET-RC Roberto Clemente (147/400)
It wasn't until I looked through the team piles for cards to showcase that I noticed that the little game fact thing at the bottom was actually made of wood. "It's like a ski lodge in here."

2010 Topps National Chicle #321 Neil Walker
This one didn't look anything like the other Chicle that was being shown on blogs last year. I checked it out and, yup, sure enough, it's a short print. Pretty nice sketched picture, kind of like the kind that, well, dayf has been known to draw.

1971 Topps #143 Steve Blass
I wonder if this guy ever wanted to be called "Classy Stevie Blassie." PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT STATING WHY I WOULD THINK THIS. IF YOU GET IT RIGHT, THE PRIZE IS MY RESPECT.

Team: Astros
Buyer: Thorzul
1971 Topps #148 John Mayberry, #102 Pirates Rookie Stars Ken Forsch/Larry Howard

1984 Topps #66 Astros Leaders Jose Cruz/Nolan Ryan

Team: Reds
Buyer: FanOfReds
Only one Barry Larkin found in the lot, a base card not worth showing, but there were plenty more Reds to be found. I'm thinking a previous owner of the lot was a Reds fan.
1991 Reds Pepsi Lot
Not sure how many cards are in this set, but I found these and some doubles. The Choice of a New Generation.

Something a little older... 1970 Topps #380 Tony Perez
This card is messed up. Maybe some of that Diet Pepsi got on it.

1971 Topps #164 Reds Rookie Stars Frank Duffy/Milt Wilcox
Milt rocked the high hat his entire career, apparently.

2001 Upper Deck #67 Steve Kelly AUTO
That's a nice little pull, something different for the kiddos.

1985 Fleer #538 Tom Hume
There's a big part of me that loves the shit out of this set. The gray border with the team color border within it, plus the grainy B&W photo on the back... classic!

Team: Brewers
Buyer: Thorzul (Duh!)
For once, a team name/location change goes in my favor. After watching great Milwaukee Braves cards (and pennants) go to the Atlanta braves slot in several past breaks, I finally get some love.
1969 Seattle Pilots Lot
I'm guessing not quite a team set, but there are plenty of doubles that I'll sell off soon. I think we saw only one other 1969 Topps card. These were in a team bag all together. I love this seller!

Renata Galasso Seattle Pilots Lot
I'm happy to have these, but I'm also wondering who was begging for these cards to be made.

1971 Topps #236 Bob Humphreys

Lot of 31 1988 Fleer Update #U-39 Jeff Leonard
Words escape me...


Just... why?


AdamE said...


Just... why?"

Bipping Karma

Retrofan said...

Re: Classy Stevie Blassie
Freddie Blassie was a pioneer wrestler. Perhaps best known for his mention in REM's Man On The Moon.

Chris Harris said...

It's, like, a Hector Villaneuva swastika, nan.