Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas El Cheapo Group Break: Toronto Blue Jays

Payment has been received, so it's time to return to the AL East and show off some of the best Jays that buyer D a V e will be receiving. Either I'm really horrible at pulling Blue Jays, or there aren't all that many great cards to pull. However, a Jays fan will undoubtedly appreciate this lot more than I would.
Lot of 3 1992 Donruss McDonald's Gold Blue Jays, #3 Kelly Gruber, #5 Tom Henke, #6 Devon White
BaseballCardPedia has a great page on this set, which was distributed only in the Toronto area, I'm guessing because the won the World Series in 1992. These three Jays are part of a six-card subset . I must say, these look pretty good. 1992 Donruss is one of my least favorite designs of all time, but if they looked anything like these, I would have collected them hard.

1990 ProCards #184 Carlos Delgado
Orangie goodness!

2003 Upper Deck Superstars #241 Roy Halladay
I liked this guy a whole lot more when he was in the American League.

That's all I have to show. There were some Clemens cards and some other interesting ones, too.

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