Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Mega-Group Break: 2005 Donruss Prime Patches

Here's the 2005 Donruss Prime Patches box. Nothing amazing, but solid from top to bottom.

CC Sanathia Patch (049/136)

Johnny Damon Jumbo Jersey (031/155)

B.J. Upton Bat (067/150)

Jason Jennings Jersey/Fielding Glove/Shoe (149/150)

Andruw Jones Jersey/Jersey (044/150)
Just a hint of red stitching on the white swatch.

Michael Young Jersey/Jersey/AUTO (019/150)

Matt Williams AUTO

Livan Hernandez AUTO

The second box is on its way, hopefully here by the end of the week.


A2 Wolverine said...

Who got the Red Sox? I need to reach out and see if they want to trade the Damon haha.

Greg Zakwin said...

That C.C. is majorly sick!