Thursday, December 1, 2011

El Cheapo Christmas Break Is Open!

Since there will end up being very few packages to mail out from the regular December group break, I'll also be holding one one of my famous El Cheapo breaks. These cards will come from the same seller that the August Break came from. If you remember correctly, there were a ton of refractors, many recent inserts, lots of chrome, et cetera. My famous 100 Best Finds thread that ran all summer long was also form the same seller, with more jerseys and AUTOS than refractors. I'm assuming we're going to get something similar to one of these lots, maybe a nice mix of the two.

There will be one change, however. For your benefit and mine, I'm going to be subtracting all of the junk wax from these lots. If there are commons from, say, 1986 to 1993, I'm not going to mail them to you. For example, let's say you have the Padres. If a 1986 Fleer Tony Gwynn is on the lot, I'll send it to you. If a 1987 Topps Tim Pyznarski shows up, it's going into a junk box that I'll give away to my students. Keeping the junk cards out of the hands of the USPS will save money on postage, and I'll pass that savings on to you. In August, each team lot was $10, with a +1 random leftover team option for $15. This time, any team of your choice will cost you $9.50, and the +1 option will go for $14.00. Claim as many tams as you would like. (Does that last sentence really say "tams?" It's supposed to say "teams." No one will be receiving a Tam o'Shanter this month. Those I'm saving for my January 25 giveaway, celebrating the birth of Robert Burns.)

If you want in on this, leave a comment and send your PayPal payment to:
Please don't forget to add your screen name, team, and address as a note with the payment.

1. Angels -
2. Athletics - jschris (paid)
3. Rangers -
4. Mariners - Thorzul +1
5. White Sox - Thorzul +1
6. Indians -
7. Royals -
8. Twins -
9. Tigers - Thorzul +1
10. Red Sox - Zpop +1 (paid)
11. Yankees - The Diamond King +1 (paid)
12. Blue Jays - D a V e
13. Orioles - Kevin (paid)
14. Rays -
15. Cubs - Tom (paid)
16. Cardinals - IkesCards +1 (paid)
17. Brewers - Thorzul +1
18. Pirates -
19. Astros -
20. Reds - FanOfReds +1 (paid)
21. Padres - BS +1 (paid)
22. Diamondbacks -
23. Dodgers - Stealing Home (paid)
24. Giants - BS +1 (paid)
25. Rockies -
26. Braves - dayf +1 (paid)
27. Nationals/Expos -
28. Mets - Thorzul +1
29. Phillies - daddyohoh (paid)
30. Marlins -


dayf said...


daddyohoho said...

I would like the Phil's.


The Diamond King said...

I'll take the Yankees +1!

Tom said...

Cubs! Yes, thank you, more Cubs please!

Anonymous said...

I would like the Giants and Padres. $14 on the way. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm reading impaired. I'll take the Giants, Padres and two randoms left over for $28. Thanks!


FanOfReds said...

I'll take the Reds and a leftover. Payment coming shortly.

Stealing Home said...

i'll take the dodgers. im in my office but payment arriving later tonight. provided i have electricity at home after the great LA hurricane of 2011

D a V e said...

Blue Jays

Zpop said...

I'll take the Red Sox +1 please.

IkesCards said...

Redbirds, please.

Kevin said...

"El Cheapo": The two sweetest words in the Spanish language. I'll take the Orioles, with payment coming shortly.

jschris said...

Some guy named Thorzul always gets the Brewers...

I'll take the A's. Payment coming shortly.

Thorzul said...

Break is closed.