Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trade My Anything V #16

You thought that since it's almost Christmas, Trade Me Anything was over, didn't you?

Well, I did, too. I was surprised the other day to get a package full of stuff from Justin's World. Fortunately, I still had the stack of cards I had offered up sitting on an end table upstairs. Speaking of which, there are still a couple of you out there who offered to trade me anything, and I confirmed your reservation, but nothing was ever sent. I think someone claimed some Rockies, and very early on, someone claimed some Braves. These will become available again if I don't receive a trade package for them by the end of the year.

Moving on, here are the details of the trade from Justin.
2011 Topps Gold #US173 Charlie Furbush (0836/2011), #US131 Jeff Keppinger (0055/2011), and Cognac #US292 Mike Adams

A bunch of 2011 Topps insert cards. There were some Topps 60 and Topps Town cards I don't have time to scan right now (or just forgot to), as well as these.
Diamond Duos #DD-15 Joe DiMaggio/Derek Jeter
This is #DD-15 from the Update Series, not the #DD-15 from Series 2. I hope someone got fired for that mistake.

History of Topps #HOT-9 Eisner & Co. buy in to Topps
One away from finishing this insert set now.

Here's a base card, the only one from several sent that I still needed.
#US233 John McDonald

2010 Brewers Guest Information Guide

Mickey Mantle: His Final Inning
Some sort of Christian leaflet. So the American Tract Society can use logos, but Upper Deck can't?

A bunch of baseball schedules

An issue of South Coast Golf Guide
Judging from the maps I glanced at inside, this guide covers golfing destinations in the Florida panhandle, that tract of land whose official slogan is, "Technically, not Alabama."

The back cover of the magazine has an advertisement for some sort of avian establishment to visit after golfing. It's "Your Official 19th Hole!" From the looks of things, she's also the 20th... HI-YOOOOOOO!
Actually, I couldn't decide which tag to use for her: "Freaky White Girls" or "Asian Girls," so to be safe I went with both.

Thanks for the trade, Justine, I hope you enjoy the trio of cards.

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