Friday, January 6, 2012

Completion: B-Ball Inserts

Just last week I finished off the last three insert cards I needed for my master 2001-02 Topps basketball set. It hurts to realize it, but I would have had a much easier time collecting Topps Chrome from that year, or even one of the specialty sets like the goofily oversized High Topps or that year's Topps Heritage. But no, I had to pick an unpopular one with redemption cards as part of the base set. Here are the last three inserts.

Lottery Legends #LL7 Jason Williams
It's funny to look back at pictures of "White Chocolate" from after his Sacramento days when I wasn't paying attention to basketball. He looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo in his Memphis/Miami days.

Mad Game #MG1 Allen Iverson
My Bucks ran into this guy on our way to the finals. He wasn't the difference maker, however. That bastard Eric Snow had to go and have his breakout series against Milwaukee. That damn missed shot in Game 5... man.

Yeah, it's worth looking at this dunk again.
Mad Game #MG4 Vince Carter

Here are the complete insert sets. There are a few ringers in each group. Remember, I had already finished the Alcindor set a while ago.

Austin Croshere? Really???

I'm going to finger Antawn Jamison as the "one of these things is not like the others" suspect. Even as a two-time All-Star, his pro career never quite caught up to his college resume.

Darius Miles did not have Mad Game at any point past high school. I saw him in the "steal-the-SAT-answers" movie The Perfect Score this summer. He might be a better actor than basketball player.

Alright, now I just need to get to work on those wascally wedemptions.

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Spankee said...

Miles (among others) was also in Van Wilder. I think you are on to something.