Friday, January 13, 2012

January Group Break: 2010 Famous Fabrics

And finally, the Famous Fabrics box.

I'm not afraid to say I'm a little disappointed here, but with a multi-sport product, those are the risks you take. Here's a nice look at the front and back of the card so you know who and what this came from.

Now the question is: Who gets it?
Not being a hockey fan, I had to look a lot of this up. Here's a list of who has the rights to each player and team.
Crosby - Penguins - Thorzul
Ovechkin - Capitals - Chris Mays
Stamkos - Lightning - IkesCards
Tavares - Islanders - Thorzul
Kane - Blackhawks - Chris Mays

The one thing that makes it easy is that each of these guys has played for only one NHL team for his entire career up until this point. The back of the card only mentions the Capitals by name, there's a London Knights guy, a Sarnia Sting guy, and Kane's and Crosby's teams are not mentioned at all. The blue pants swatch is doubly confusing, as this is a color that, to my limited knowledge, does not appear on a Pittsburgh jersey.

So here's what I'm proposing. Each of the five group break names is entered into a randomizer. I think this is the fairest thing to do, despite the odd team connections present on this card. If you have a huge problem with this, leave a comment. Conversely, if you agree with me, feel free to say so as well.

If no better solution is proposed, I'll be doing a video for this card and the Whelan/McDowell card some time this weekend, probably tomorrow.


Greg Zakwin said...

Thorzul said...

Thanks for identifying that, way cool!

dawgbones said...

prior to 1980, the Penguins were Dark Blue/Light Blue.

Greg Zakwin said...

By the way Thorzul, if you end up with the five-way and aren't attached to it, I'd be interested in trading for it.

Retrofan said...

The London Knights (my home team btw) an the Sarnia Sting are both Ontario Hockey League teams, wich is Junior level hockey, below even the AHL. That's a pretty cool pull in my opinion. But then again, I AM CANADIAN!!