Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Group Break Is Open!

We're going back to the regularly scheduled break this time, and I've got a few nice products I've been scoping out. This month we will open:
One box of 2008 Topps Stadium Club
One box of 2005 Topps Rookie Cup
One box of 2010 Famous Fabrics Second Edition

Rationales for each:
Stadium Club - 12 autographs, so hopefully a lot of breakers go home happy. There's a bunch of parallels and other stuff, too.
Rookie Cup - Cool design, lots of parallels, two autographs.
Famous Fabrics - Doing a one-card box of this is fun, and it's been almost a year since I've included one. If you remember, this is a multi-sport product. All participants will receive two random teams from the NHL, NFL, and NBA. If we happen to get a card portraying a subject not in one of the four leagues, it will be randomed off among all participants. Also, all of the leagues have 30 teams except the NFL, which has 32. The last two teams on the NFL randomization list will be considered unowned, and if one of those two teams happens to pop up as the hit, the card will be randomed off among all participants.

The buy-in for this break will be $27.50. This will get you a two-team slot with one team of your choice and the other randomly assigned. The exception will be the Yankees, whose buy-in will be $35.00. This is because the Stadium Club box guarantees a Yankee relic card, a luxury none of the other teams possess. Your buy-in also gets you the aforementioned two NHL, two NBA, and two NFL teams for the Famous Fabrics box. Trading will be allowed and encouraged.

As always, please include your screen name, mailing address, and team(s) chosen as a note with your PayPal payment. Please send payment to:

1. Angels -
2. Athletics -
3. Rangers -
4. Mariners -
5. White Sox -
6. Indians -
7. Royals -
8. Twins - Thorzul
9. Tigers - sewingmachineguy (paid)
10. Red Sox - shoeboxlegends (paid)
11. Yankees - BS (paid)
12. Blue Jays - D a V e (paid)
13. Orioles - Thorzul
14. Rays -
15. Cubs - Thorzul
16. Cardinals - IkesCards (paid)
17. Brewers - Thorzul
18. Pirates -
19. Astros -
20. Reds - Thorzul
21. Padres -
22. Diamondbacks -
23. Dodgers - Thorzul
24. Giants - Thorzul
25. Rockies -
26. Braves - Chris Mays (paid)
27. Nationals/Expos -
28. Mets - Thorzul
29. Phillies - BS (paid)
30. Marlins -


Chris Mays said...

I'll take the Braves!

Anonymous said...

I would like the Yankees and Phillies please! Thanks so much.


shoeboxlegends said...

I'll grab the Red Sox! Payment on the way...

IkesCards said...

Redbirds, please.

IkesCards said...

Question we could not fit in the paypal message. Does the Yankee Stadium relic automatically go to the Yankees or to the team on the card? Here's why we ask:

Would that card go to the Yankees or the Cardinals?


Thorzul said...

That card would go to the Cardinals. While there are players from other teams on these cards, there is still a better chance it will be a Yankee than a player on any other team. In each case, the card will go to the team of the player depicted.

D a V e said...

Jays Please and if possible would prefer Leafs/Raptors/Bills

the sewingmachineguy said...

Put me down for the Tigers. Thanks.