Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Five Pulls of 2011: #2

From the same box of Topps Lineage, another San Francisco Giant in the top five pulls. Weird year.

Card: 2011 Topps Lineage 1952 Autograph #52A-BP Buster Posey AUTO

From: Hobby Box

Why I Love This Card: It actually made paying the early-in-the-release price for this box. Yes, it was a redemption, and yes, it is inexplicably a sticker autograph, but it's probably one of the better ones in the set. In retrospect, I could have gotten David DeJesus, Gaby Sanchez, or Jonny Gomes. Aside form one of the vintage reprint autos, this was just about the best I could do.

Pulling this redemption helped bring to my attention some of the quality control issues at Topps. Here's a screen cap from my Topps redemption page. First of all, the word you're looking for, Topps, is "Lineage," not "Linage." You know... the name of your set.

Secondly, the design year is obviously 1952 Topps, not 1954.

Aside from the errors, still a pretty nice pull.

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