Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Five Pulls of 2011: #3

Best pulls of the year can come from surprising places. Let's investigate this next one.

Card: 2001 Pacific Cramer's Choice Awards Die-Cut #3 Emmitt Smith (79/99)

From: Hobby Box

Why I Love This Card: Set building can sometimes pay off. While this was not one of the insert sets I'll be chasing for this now-decade-old set, it's a nice little bonus. I'll most likely try to sell this off to recoup the cost of a future box. Since there are some pricey rookie autographs in the base set, I won't feel too bad selling this card. When there's a Trent Dilfer of these going for $12 on COMC, I think this Smith should command a pretty penny. Emmitt Smith collectors are rabid, and this is a difficult pull from a long-forgotten product.

The Cramer's Choice comes from Pacific's president Mike Cramer, about whom you can read here. The odds for this set, unlike most of the other inserts, are not listed, but they have all the markings of a case hit (or tougher). By comparison, there are 1,000 Drew Brees autographed rookies in this set. So if you know of any Emmitt Smith Super-Collectors, I'd love to make a deal with one.

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