Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trade Me Anything V: #18

Is this going to be the last one? I mean, I started this in November, folks. This one's from Mad Guru.

2011 Topps Cognac #455 Logan Morrison

A Sack With Two Balls In It

A Ryan Braun 2008 Upper Deck X Die-Cut Parallel and a Basketball Bookmark
I'm proud to say I could identify all of the players on the bookmark without looking up any information. From the top we have Shaq, John Stockton, Hakeem Olajuwon, Grant Hill, Juwan Howard, and Danny Manning. Despite the mold growing near the start of the word CHALLENGE, I'll use this on one of the books I'm reading now, because hey, who could pass up an opportunity to use a Danny Manning bookmark.

A Bunch of Panini Americana Cards
I already have all of these, but the Romero would make a great bookmark as well.

A Trio of 1993 Topps Expos For My Set
This was probably my favorite part of the trade package. With a close play at the plate, the Gary Carter card got me curious to see if I could identify when this play took place. The only situation that fits all of the criteria (Fred McGriff PatP, Carter in the game, Expos at Padres) was in a July 3, 1992 game. In the bottom of the eighth inning of a 6-4 Padres win, McGriff led off with a single and was moved to second by a Darrin Jackson single. The next two batters struck out, but Jack Clark hit a short line drive to left, scoring McGriff. Taking my first look at the card, I had originally interpreted Carter's move to be an "I got 'im" gesture, but McGriff apparently beat the throw and crossed home in a cloud of dust.

Thanks, Mad Guru!

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