Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Group Break: 2005 Flair

Both boxes arrived last night, and I started with the little one.

Jake Peavy AUTO (045/200)
As I stated in the video, I really like his signature. There's a certain thoughtfulness to it, like he's an artist or something.

Hideki Matsui Jersey (co-starring Gary Sheffield)
That's just chintzy, to have two players on one card, but a jersey from only one of them.

Kerry Wood Jersey (co-starring Mark Prior)
This one's die-cut and numbered to 75.
News Flash: It didn't happen.

This box was kind of a dog, but at least the wealth was shared.


Mad Guru said...

At least Tim's fiance got her Wood.

Retrofan said...

Jeter...for the Red Sox? Wha?

Thorzul said...

Oh man, I did say that. Oops. Everyone knows Jeter is a Detroit Tiger.