Thursday, March 29, 2012

25 Years Ago Today...

I unexpectedly spent most of my lunchtime today reading this article on Grantland about today being the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania III, the big one that turned the sport into the juggernaut it would become. The article is great and goes into more depth than I would try to tackle. On a personal level, this is the event that formed my Wrestlemania consciousness. That would only last for three or four years, but it was a beautiful time to be a boy with a heightened sense of the suspension of disbelief.

I've just finished my homework for the night, and maybe I can get a few matches in before hitting the hay. Pictures above is a fraction of what was once a complete Wrestlemania DVD box set. I only bought the first volume (quite a few years ago now) from a seller on eBay who was breaking up the set since those were all I was interested in. How deep into the card will I get? Steamboat versus Macho Man? Will poop out just before King Kong Bundy massacres that midget? Or will I get to see Andre graciously pass the torch to Hogan? A magical night is in store.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Thanks, school parent. I was really hoping I could supervise your son's de facto birthday party this afternoon. Oh, and your decision to jet after dropping off those 8 pizzas... a classic gambit. Well played.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guys From the Bucket #1

A few months ago, I visited my parents at their house and ended up coming home with a bunch of stuff they made me retrieve from the rafters of their garage. See, they saved just about all of the important books and toys from my childhood and from that of my siblings. I actually have much less stuff there than my brother and sister do, but being the oldest gives me first dibs. They babysit my daughter (now seven months old, can you believe it) a couple of days a week, and they wanted to use some of the stuff with Harper that they used with us. No problem there, except she's obviously not ready for some of the advanced toys yet. Which serves as the reasoning behind this post.

If your family was anything like mine, you didn't have much money, so discarded food packaging got recycled as toy storage items. The majority of the action figures my brother and I owned were kept in gallon-sized ice cream buckets. They came with sturdy wire handles back then, and they fit nicely on the shelving units that were just wood planks laid across cinder blocks. And we didn't call them "action figures" back then, they were "guys." As in, "Pick up your guys before your dad gets home and trips over them." "Do you wanna play guys?" was a daily invitation then.

Here's the first one I pulled from a bucket.
Name: Buzz Off
Affiliation: Masters of the Universe
Missing Pieces: Bee-eye helmet, battle axe

I remember for a fact that my Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary got me this for Christmas one year. This was one of the more "out there" characters in the series, maybe part of the second or third wave of figures. I don't remember him from the TV series, but apparently we did show up in later episodes a couple of times.
Buzz Off's main attack when playing "guys" was to slap other combatants around with his wings. In case you're wondering, they do detatch with some effort, but then he just looks naked. If I had to give away all of my MOTU figures back then, this would have been one of the last to go. Good times.

One Holy Hell of a Card

The early-1990s weren't all junkwax, you know.

This card ended a month or so ago on eBay. I was watching it, just curious to see how much it ended up selling for. There are a few more available now, some with BIN less than this one. Cleaning out the old watch list today, I realized I hadn't posted it yet. And so it goes.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Over on Grantland (which you should be reading, by the way) they're hosting a Smacketology NCAA-style bracket to determine once and for all who the best character on HBO's The Wire is. The first round results of the top half of the bracket will be posted tomorrow, and I'd like to weigh in before they're published.

Omar Little (#1) over Ziggy Sobotka (#8)
No-brainer, Omar should coast to the Final Four without a hiccup.

Dennis "Cutty" Wise (#5) over Chris Partlow (#4)
Cutty showed how redemption was possible. Starting a youth boxing gym is no joke.

D'Angelo Barksdale (#6) over Snoop Pearson (#3)
D'Angelo ran shit, had a fly girl, and made it look like he was middle class. Snoop looked like a dude. Advantage: D.

"Cheese" Wagstaff (#7) over Michael Lee (#2)
All Michael Lee ever did was make sure the shorties had drink boxes and Lunchables before they went to school. No way he beats Method Man.

Roland Pryzbylewski (#8) over Avon Barksdale (#1)
Prez in a HUGE UPSET! Avon ran things for some time, but was little more than a stock character. Prez let his students shoot dice to learn math and he punched out a police captain. Plus, motherfucker could break any code known to man.

Tommy Carcetti (#4) over Duquan "Dukie" Weems (#5)
You gotta give Dukie credit for coming to school every day smelling like shit. But give Carcetti more credit for turning down the sexual advances of his campaign manager.

"Bunny" Colvin (#3) over "Serge" Malatov (#6)
One word: Hamsterdam.

"Prop" Joe Stewart (#2) over Frank Sobotka (#7)
I hate to fail to back a good union man, but Prop Joe could fix the shit out of a toaster. Was it just me, or was he tinkering with a small electric appliance during every drug deal and stickup thwarting?

I hope you enjoyed these random musings from a viewer two years removed from watching his last episode. I'll be curious to see how well these turn out. Debate is welcome in the comments.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

CC: Fuck That

Finally, a couple years later, one of these purple CC parallels shows up on eBay. I take no chances and go with the BIN option. This is Valentine's Day, mind you. I FINALLY get it on the first day of March. When something this scarce pops up, you take what you can get. For a while there, I talked myself into thinking this card didn't exist. As you can see...

This card's brethren are calling out for him to join them. "We even saved you a seat, dog."

So, we head for the basement. This is man's work, unfit for the first floor. I really ought to take better care of my tools.

Claw to the corner. Success. This went a lot easier than I thought.

And here it is, naked and free.
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut From the Same Cloth (w/Zambrano) #CSC-ZS Purple (02/25)
I have a craving for grape jelly for some reason.

Hanging' with the boys.

It feels really good to get another step closer to completion. A couple of golds left, that's all.