Thursday, March 29, 2012

25 Years Ago Today...

I unexpectedly spent most of my lunchtime today reading this article on Grantland about today being the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania III, the big one that turned the sport into the juggernaut it would become. The article is great and goes into more depth than I would try to tackle. On a personal level, this is the event that formed my Wrestlemania consciousness. That would only last for three or four years, but it was a beautiful time to be a boy with a heightened sense of the suspension of disbelief.

I've just finished my homework for the night, and maybe I can get a few matches in before hitting the hay. Pictures above is a fraction of what was once a complete Wrestlemania DVD box set. I only bought the first volume (quite a few years ago now) from a seller on eBay who was breaking up the set since those were all I was interested in. How deep into the card will I get? Steamboat versus Macho Man? Will poop out just before King Kong Bundy massacres that midget? Or will I get to see Andre graciously pass the torch to Hogan? A magical night is in store.

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