Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey, Don't Miss the Party! (El Cheapo Group Break Reminder)

I opened up another El Cheapo group break this weekend, which you may have missed. Check it out here, several good teams available, including your Milwaukee Brewers.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring El Cheapo Group Break Is Open!

It's been a long time since I've held any sort of group break, but now the wait is over. I've found what looks to be a decent lot of cards in my neck of the woods, and this new seller promises at least three memorabilia or autographed cards. I'm going to stick with the same pricing structure as last time, where a team of your choice will cost $9.50, and if you want to do a +1 option (where another team will be randomly assigned to you), the total will be $14.00.

Once again, I'll try to keep all of the junk wax out of your team's lot. No commons from about 1986 to 1993 will be sent, unless there's a specific card you're looking for or if your team fails to reach at least a stack of 25 cards without them.

Payment can be sent to:
As always, please include your address, screen name, and team of choice as a note with payment.

Oh, and I won't be picking up the Brewers this time, as I've received several comments that readers would be interested in picking up that slot.

1. Angels - BS +1 (paid)
2. Athletics - Thorzul
3. Rangers -
4. Mariners - Thorzul
5. White Sox - Jeff Wilk (paid)
6. Indians - BS +1 (paid)
7. Royals -
8. Twins - BS +1 (paid)
9. Tigers - sewingmachineguy (paid)
10. Red Sox - Thorzul +1
11. Yankees - The Diamond King +1 (paid)
12. Blue Jays - D a V e (paid)
13. Orioles - commishbob +1 (paid)
14. Rays -
15. Cubs -
16. Cardinals - IkesCards +1 (paid)
17. Brewers - JWals (paid)
18. Pirates -
19. Astros -
20. Reds -
21. Padres - BS +1 (paid)
22. Diamondbacks -
23. Dodgers - gcrl +1 (paid)
24. Giants - BS +1 (paid)
25. Rockies -
26. Braves - jaybarkerfan +1 (paid)
27. Nationals/Expos -
28. Mets -
29. Phillies - daddyohoho +1 (paid)
30. Marlins -

Good luck, and claim your team quickly!

Rainy Day Trip to the Local Card Shop

The weather outside was miserable, like getting caught under a leaky pipe in an unfinished basement. Inside the card shop, though, a baseball game from a warmer climate was on TV, and the quarter boxes were out in full force.

I went with a list of supplies I needed. After all, you can never be too careful about your infrastructure when it comes to cards. A 5,000-count box for my random Brewers had become necessary, as well as a 300-count box for a nearly finished set that's been sitting as a stack for a couple of years on top of my comic book boxes. Also, a couple of thick Ultra Pro cases for some Yount Sweet Spot cards that have been sitting naked for quite a while. But that's not the fun stuff. Let's hit the dollar boxes first.

1961 Topps #223 Bob Scheffing
Corners... great. Centering... atrocious. The left side of this card needs to be living in a tent in a public square holding a sign that reads, "I am the 99%." Love it anyway.

1972 Topps #375 Reggie Cleveland
This was an "I guess so" purchase. Nothing else really grabbed me by my hoodie strings today. I almost nabbed an off-register Angels team card from 1970, but the back had a tape rip, so I put it back.

Quarter Boxes
Some 2011 Topps Inserts
Without a want list, I took a gamble on some inserts I might have needed. The Castro and Reynolds I did need, but not the Perez or Johnson. 50% isn't too bad for guesswork.

Some 2010 Topps Chrome Blue Refractors
For a quarter apiece, I figured I could flip or trade these. Let me know, Sox fans. (And never mind, Astros fans. Wait, who am I talking to? Astros fans never do anything on this blog, especially join group breaks.)

Some Odds and Ends
The Chipper is a cool looking card and a great idea for an insert, and I have always liked that shrunken Puckett photo and had to have the gold version.

Did I leave something out? Yes, perhaps I did. The 2010 Upper Deck set has grown on me as of late. The Biography insert set is a better executed idea than the meaningless Documentary set from 2008. The feeling I get when I look at 2010 Upper Deck is a bit haunting, though. I'm reminded of a photo essay I read on NileGuide about abandoned theme parks around the world. The unfinished nature of the set is spooky, especially since players UD was saving for series 2 never got a card, almost like they had died. Prince Fielder, for instance, has no base card in the set, but he does appear on a number of team cards and inserts.

You can almost hear the creaking... of 2010 Upper Deck. Might the series 2 cards have ended up in a New Mexico landfill somewhere?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hamtaro 1:0 2012 Topps

If the title of this post intrigues you, watch the video.

By the way, I have spent $0.99 on Hamtaro this year and $0.00 on 2012 Topps.

Randy Wolf Made Me Go to School Today

It's a dreary Monday morning, yet I'm dragging myself out of bed in preparation for the consecutive car crashes that comprise the average school day. Why do I do it?

Randy Wolf told me to.

Actually, I recently got some insider information about a group of Milwaukee Brewers who cut some audio congratulating students of the Milwaukee Public Schools for showing good attendance. I suppose they're intended to be used on the school level with the office setting up a voicemail box that parents can call when their child receives an attendance award. But you can get to experience it for free. There are five different messages below, only two of which I understand.

Jonathan Lucroy
Randy Wolf
Rickie Weeks
Yovani Gallardo
Carlos Gomez

Pretty cool that the Brewers joined forces with MPS on this.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Want Lists Updated

I finished opening the box of 1993 Topps Series 2 this morning, got everything sorted and stacked, and now I'm a few cards short on both series. My want lists are up to date and I'm looking to make some trades, so if you can help out with 1993 Topps or anything else, let me know.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Topps, If You Want Sales of Your Flagship Product to Skyrocket...

...stick Felix Fermin somewhere on the box. It worked before, and it'll work again.

I mean, seriously... Topps did that? I know it's only Series 2 and all, but still. What, did Dave Valle turn this opportunity down? Did you want Cecilio Guante in the prestigious back-panel spot, only to find out he had retired?

Which is not to say I'm not going to have a few great fucking nights opening this thing. 1993 Topps, the year they switched to all-shiny stock and never looked back.

69, dude!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boyd Crowder, Collector?

One of the few television shows I currently make time for is Justified on FX. I've been on board since the first episode, and while this third season didn't quite live up to the lofty expectations established by the brilliant season 2, it's still been a hell of a ride. This season's conclusion aired earlier this week, and I finally got some time to finish watching it today. Aside from one of the most graphic sequences I've ever seen on any television show, HBO included, something from early in the episode caught my eye.

One of the early scenes take place in the bar that was taken over by Boyd Crowder and his cousin Johnny in a previous episode. When Raylan Givens comes in to investigate the shooting of an officer, a bit of the mise-en-scène seemed somewhat familiar to me. It's behind an old ornamental ship's wheel, and it only appears for a few seconds. See if you can spot it.

Those of you with keen eyesight have probably detected an old Allen & Ginter poster hanging on the wall. There was just something about the shape and size of the smaller fish pictures that jumped out at me. As it turns out, the poster is an advertisement for what's been catalogued as Allen & Ginter's N8 series, Fish From American Waters. I'm guessing for purposes of dressing the set that it's a reproduction. Copies can be found fairly easily for a reasonable price. Here's an image I found. (If you want more detail, check out this link and click on the thumbnail, but know that it's a pretty large file.)

The artwork is actually quite clever, with the card images doubling as fish scales and a string running through the fish's mouth anchoring it to the G in Ginter.
The funny thing is, Boyd never really struck me as a guy who would be into 19th century tobacco cards, and even if he was, I'd be hard pressed to view him as someone who would decorate a bar as if it were a TGIFriday's. However, as we will continue to learn, Boyd Crowder is a man full of surprises.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

PODCAST: Card Wars Episode 2

This time around I wanted to try something a little different. (Well, I was forced to, actually, as my Soundcloud account didn't have enough free hosting minutes left.) The result is a superior presentation. It's more of a slideshow/video now, but you can listen to it any way you want. Hope you have as much fun listening as Dennis, Matt, and I had recording it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stay Tuned For CARD WARS Episode 2

Just got finished recording the second Card Wars podcast with champion Matt and challenger Dennis. This should go live tomorrow, so tune in to find out if Matt defends his title or if Dennis can claim the belt as his own.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CC: Worth His Weight in Gold

I'm guessing that it's been around two years since one of these popped up for sale online. I can't recall having seen one, but I'd imagine that a few appeared right away when the product was released.
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Gold Parallel #51 (30/50)

And now there's only one left. I wonder how it's going to feel once the quest is over. Perhaps an ancient knight will be standing guard over it, and I'll have to choose the cup of a carpenter. A penitent man will pass. Penitent. Penitent.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Playtime... With Jefferson Burdick

Yeah, so the Jefferson Burdick meme generator that Chris Harris put together is going to eat up some of my spring break this week.

Personally, I like this one better.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day, Not Really on My Radar...

...but that don't mean you can't celebrate a random Thursday!

After this morning's profanity-laced post, something cuter was in order. Feel free to comment on any of the awesome shit in the background of our messy rec room.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

And You Aaaaaaaaaarrre?

Anyone know what this is? It came out of a random lot last year, and I've just gotten to filing it away now.

I'm guessing it's from 1990, since Nolan's most recent stats are from 1989. Maybe late-1990, since the blurb references his 1990 no-hitter.

Any help? There are no identifying marks whatsoever, so this is going to be a tough one.