Sunday, April 1, 2012

And You Aaaaaaaaaarrre?

Anyone know what this is? It came out of a random lot last year, and I've just gotten to filing it away now.

I'm guessing it's from 1990, since Nolan's most recent stats are from 1989. Maybe late-1990, since the blurb references his 1990 no-hitter.

Any help? There are no identifying marks whatsoever, so this is going to be a tough one.


Fuji said...

Some form of a Broder card?

Play at the Plate said...

I've got a ton of Ryans and I've never seen that one.

Milwaukee Southpaw said...

Just taking a shot in the dark - maybe some sort of fan giveaway card from a Rangers game?

The Angels In Order said...

Here's another from the same set. Still trying to figure this one out..

Anonymous said...

There's another three (maybe four) here. This one says it's a 1990 Rob Broder set called "4 Decades."

I think it's probably likely they're all part of the 5 card Nolan Ryan set listed on the second post on this page:

Mystery solved?


GCA said...

There are a TON of Bo Jackson cards of similar designs like that. Generic backs and no copyright info except maybe the 1990 date. I've always wondered if there's any reference for stuff like this. The big books don't list them, but maybe someone has done the legwork on a website or something?

Chris Harris said...

And this is regarding, what?

So you don't have an appointment.

OK then, if you could just have a seat.