Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boyd Crowder, Collector?

One of the few television shows I currently make time for is Justified on FX. I've been on board since the first episode, and while this third season didn't quite live up to the lofty expectations established by the brilliant season 2, it's still been a hell of a ride. This season's conclusion aired earlier this week, and I finally got some time to finish watching it today. Aside from one of the most graphic sequences I've ever seen on any television show, HBO included, something from early in the episode caught my eye.

One of the early scenes take place in the bar that was taken over by Boyd Crowder and his cousin Johnny in a previous episode. When Raylan Givens comes in to investigate the shooting of an officer, a bit of the mise-en-scène seemed somewhat familiar to me. It's behind an old ornamental ship's wheel, and it only appears for a few seconds. See if you can spot it.

Those of you with keen eyesight have probably detected an old Allen & Ginter poster hanging on the wall. There was just something about the shape and size of the smaller fish pictures that jumped out at me. As it turns out, the poster is an advertisement for what's been catalogued as Allen & Ginter's N8 series, Fish From American Waters. I'm guessing for purposes of dressing the set that it's a reproduction. Copies can be found fairly easily for a reasonable price. Here's an image I found. (If you want more detail, check out this link and click on the thumbnail, but know that it's a pretty large file.)

The artwork is actually quite clever, with the card images doubling as fish scales and a string running through the fish's mouth anchoring it to the G in Ginter.
The funny thing is, Boyd never really struck me as a guy who would be into 19th century tobacco cards, and even if he was, I'd be hard pressed to view him as someone who would decorate a bar as if it were a TGIFriday's. However, as we will continue to learn, Boyd Crowder is a man full of surprises.


Mad Guru said...

Little known fact....Topps intends to issue a card next year with that fish in the dugout with Lou Gehrig and Britney Spears.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I've got to get this on DVD from the local library. I've caught a few episodes here and there. They've been great, must be Season 2.