Monday, April 23, 2012

Randy Wolf Made Me Go to School Today

It's a dreary Monday morning, yet I'm dragging myself out of bed in preparation for the consecutive car crashes that comprise the average school day. Why do I do it?

Randy Wolf told me to.

Actually, I recently got some insider information about a group of Milwaukee Brewers who cut some audio congratulating students of the Milwaukee Public Schools for showing good attendance. I suppose they're intended to be used on the school level with the office setting up a voicemail box that parents can call when their child receives an attendance award. But you can get to experience it for free. There are five different messages below, only two of which I understand.

Jonathan Lucroy
Randy Wolf
Rickie Weeks
Yovani Gallardo
Carlos Gomez

Pretty cool that the Brewers joined forces with MPS on this.


deal said...

Jonathan LuCruoy and the 2 spanish ones are among the ones that you don't understand.

Mad Guru said...

Compared to the others, Randy Wolf should get a freaking Oscar.