Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CC: My Hubby, Stubby

Not too much to say about this. I came across this ticket stub on eBay, and in my mind it fits within my CC-as-a-Brewer collection. I did go to this game, but I didn't get this fancy ticket. I believe this is what season ticket holders receive, rather than the plain ones the rest of us unwashed masses get.

8/29/10 Ticket (CC Sabathia Bobble Head Day)

The original post about this bobblehead is here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Like to Call "One Curious Mother-Effing South Korean"

I was cleaning off the desktop last night and I came across a screenshot from a few weeks ago that I hadn't gotten around to using.

Check out those search words! I like the way South Koreans think... you come across an unfamiliar term, you look that shit up. Funk and Wagnalls doesn't have none of that shit, not even in their online edition. You want to know the connection between cheeseburgers and sucking dick, you've got to go right to the primary source, son.

In the 21st century, data analysis is more crucial than ever. Now I know my niche in the lucrative Asian marketplace. Synergy, bitches.

Monday, May 21, 2012

'59 Mantle

Outstanding condition, great color, verrrrrry reasonable price. There's a little surface wear to the right of the face, but the corners and back are beautiful. Left to right centering is close to 50/50, top to bottom is more like 65/35. It feels good to knock one of the toughest cards off the list. Actually, I still don't even have a list.

1959 Topps #10 Mickey Mantle

Sunday, May 20, 2012

El Cheapo: AL West

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2002 Anaheim Angels

Team: Texas Rangers
Buyer: The Diamond King
Favorite Card: 2010 Upper Deck Star Rookie Anniversary Update #546 Adrian Gonzalez
Check out this BaseballCardPedia page to get the best information about what this is. A little "congratulations" card came in a penny sleeve with the actual insert.

Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2010 Upper Deck Signature Sensations #SS-CF Chone Figgins
And there you have it, BS managed to snag five of the six hits in the break.

Team: Oakland Athletics
Buyer: Thorzul
Favorite Card: 2011 Topps Black Parallel #348 Landon Powell
Always a chance some early Canseco or McGwire cards can emerge, but no such luck.

Team: Seattle Mariners
Buyer: Thorzul
Favorite Card: 1989 Donruss #33 Ken Griffey, Jr. Rated Rookie
And there's always a chance for some decent Griffeys if you take the M's.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I have a new idea for another type of group break which I'll probably be holding this summer.

El Cheapo: AL Central

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2005 Chicago White Sox

Team: Cleveland Indians
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 1977 Hostess #69 Buddy Bell
The hack job on this one was beautiful. I'm envisioning a little kid absentmindedly cutting away on a Saturday morning during an episode of Jabberjaw.

Team: Detroit Tigers
Buyer: sewingmachineguy
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Heritage Sticker #41 Victor Martinez
The directions on the back clearly state that you are supposed to stick this on your bike.

Team: Chicago White Sox
Buyer: Jeff Wilk
Favorite Card: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey #M-MB Mark Buehrle
Good looking card, with a pinstripe to boot.

Team: Kansas City Royals
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 1998 Sports Illustrated Presented by Fleer #11 A Royal Crown (November 4, 1985)
Man, the last playoff moment the Royals have had since '85.

Team: Minnesota Twins
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 1998 Sports Illustrated Presented by Fleer #12 The Champs! (November 2, 1987)
The Twins also got the 1991 version of this card, but they were more likable back in '87. Anything that involves the Cardinals losing is alright by me. Pitcher Roy Smith (#23) looks tentative about joining the celebration pile.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Verlander No-Hitter Trivia Question

Alright, this might be jinxing it, but Justin Verlander is getting close to his third no-hitter. Should the Pirates fail to get a hit, here's the question:

Which player has been involved in a Justin Verlander no-hitter as both a loser and a winner?

Update: Of course, I did manage to jinx it. So... who would it have been?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

El Cheapo: NL East

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2008 Philadelphia Phillies

Team: Atlanta Braves
Buyer: jaybarkerfan
Favorite Card: 1983 Donruss #436 Biff Pocoroba x6
This is fifty shades of grey of awesomeness. I believe that back when Bipping started, the minimum number of cards required to constitute an official Bip was five. I suppose that makes this a Biff Bip.

Team: Washington Nationals
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2010 Upper Deck Game Jersey #UDGJ-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
Two hits left after this one? Looks like BS is cleaning up so far.

Team: Miami Marlins
Buyer: IkesCards
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Gold Futures #GF-14 Mike Stanton
Some sort of insert from 2012 Topps? I wouldn't know too much about that.

Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Buyer: daddyohoho
Favorite Card: 2011 Topps Black #341 Kyle Kendrick
The Phillies didn't have an especially great haul this time, but the story on the back of this card is awesome: In 2008, Kyle's teammates convinced the impressionable young right-hander that he's been traded to Japan for a fictional player named "Kobayashi Iwamura." Orca fat, and such.

Team: New York Mets
Buyer: commishbob
Favorite Card: 1998 Sports Illustrated Presented by Fleer #25 Magnificent Moments Mookie Wilson
There were a bunch of these in the lot. The base cards featuring contemporary players are so-so, but there's a subset of classic World Series SI covers. This isn't one of them, but it portrays one of those mythical baseball moments.

Monday, May 14, 2012

El Cheapo: AL East

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2009 New York Yankees

Team: Tampa Bay Rays
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Museum Collection Moments Material #MMJR-BU B.J. Upton (17/50)
Probably the best card in the break. That's a BIG piece of jersey. I'll try not to get Doritos dust on it before it makes its way to BS.

Team: Baltimore Orioles
Buyer: commishbob
Favorite Card: 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice You Crash the Game Cal Ripken, Jr./Cecil Fielder
I don't think there were a lot of great cards in the O's pile, but maybe that's just me. This card is still stuck fast, with the scratch-off game unopened.

Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Buyer: D a V e
Favorite Card: 2011 Topps Black Parallel #365 Adam Lind
Not much to say about this one...

Team: Boston Red Sox
Buyer: Thorzul
Favorite Card: 2005 Upper Deck #34 Pedro Martinez
I love how Predro is just alone, lost in his thoughts. "If I had to be Ren or Stimpy, I'd definitely be Ren. No, no... Stimpy."

Team: New York Yankees
Buyer: The Diamond King
Favorite Card: 2011 Bowman Platinum #90 Alex Rodriguez
The Yanks didn't have anything spectacular come out of this lot, but the haul was still pretty solid.

That's three hits down, three left.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

El Cheapo: NL West

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2010 San Francisco Giants

Team: San Diego Padres
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Strokes of Genius #SG-HA Justin Hampson, 1994 Topps #620 Tony Gwynn x23
Okay, I'm breaking my one-card-per-team rule here. The Hampson we saw on the preview video, but the Gwynns were lurking underneath. It was odd, since there were only like two or three other 1994 Topps cards in the boxes. You certainly could've picked a worse player to have gotten 23 cards of, though.

Team: Colorado Rockies
Buyer: daddyohoho
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Golden Moments #GMR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
Here's the second of the six hits for this break. Apparently a Mega-Cycle is a cycle that ends with a game-winning home run. The back of the card says Gonzalez was only the fifth player to do this, after Ken Boyer, Cesar Tovar, George Brett, and Dwight Evans.

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Tribute #85 Justin Upton
That's an expensive worthless base card. Shiny, though.

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Buyer: gcrl
Favorite Card: 2011 Topps Platinum Diamond #388 Kenley Jansen
It was hard to pick a favorite from the Dodgers, since there were actually a few attractive cards to be had. Jansen wins out because of his 0.67 ERA in 2010. The card history anecdote on the back of the card is that "In the 1990 Topps set, card number 388 was Cal Ripken, Jr."

Team: San Francisco Giants
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 1981 Fleer #450 Johnnie LeMaster
I wrote about LeMaster almost five years ago when he was ousted in the semifinal of my 1981 Fleer Tournament. Oddly enough, his name came up on an episode of Baseball IQ, the MLB Network trivia show pitting rival front office employees of various MLB teams against one another. Skinny, skinny dude.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

El Cheapo: NL Central

The cards have been sorted at last. We're going to go division-by-division starting with the most recent World Series victory and work our way back. I'll show just one card from each team, whichever one I consider the best. Of course, this is all subjective, and many better cards could find their way to you in the lot. And since that one team won the Series last year, we'll start with the National League Central.

Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Buyer: BS
Best Card: 1981 Fleer #380 Rod Scurry
This is a card I actually had when I was little. I loved everything about it: the hat, the bushy hair, the goofy windbreaker, the feeling of claustrophobia... But most of all it's the babe with the tight T-shirt lurking behind Rod. Men's fashions were horrible back in the early-1980s, but the women in what we would now call vintage tees, that's a style I can live with. I picture this woman as a camp counselor in an early Friday the 13th movie. Will she be the final girl?

Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Buyer: JWals
Best Card: 2012 Topps #272 Nyjer Morgan
When you become a parent, you find yourself cheering differently. And by differently, I mostly mean more quietly. I broke that rule at the conclusion of game 5 of the NLDS. Yes, I woke up the baby, but mom was partly responsible, too.

Team: Chicago Cubs
Buyer: Thorzul
Best Card: 1981 Fleer #292 Bill Buckner
This one just beat out a 1981 Topps Dave Kingman. And how the hell did I end up with the Cubs and not the Brewers? Teaching tolerance is working, I suppose.

Team: Cincinnati Reds
Buyer: gcrl
Best Card: 1977 Topps #23 Dan Driessen
I wish I could say there were more '77 Topps in the lot, but this was the only one.

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Buyer: IkesCards
Best Card: 2011 Topps Platinum Diamond #43 Brendan Ryan
According to the back of this card, Brendan plays hacky sack to warm up before games. He needs to be careful; hacking is only a short jump away from turning into LunaStix and drum circles.

Team: Houston Astros
Buyer: jaybarkerfan
Best Card: 1988 Topps Revco #8 Nolan Ryan
Apparently Revco was a pharmacy of some sort. Apparently there aren't any more of them around. Apparently, there weren't any near where I grew up.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Final Note on El Cheapo

Before we get to some of the better cards from the break, here's your chance to claim some more stuff. I took a couple of pictures of the junk cards I won't be sending. If you were in the break and there's something from one of these sets you want me to look for, maybe for a set-building need or something, leave a comment on this post. If it's there' I'll put it in with your stack. The card can be from any team, not just the one(s) you claimed. Here are the pics, with a little description of what appears in each.

86 87 89 Topps (88 90 91 just a couple)
88 Donruss (87 89 just a couple)
92 Pinnacle
Just a couple 89 Fleer, 90 Fleer, 88 Score, 92 Fleer

90 91 Donruss (92 just a couple)
90 91 92 93 Upper Deck
91 92 Score

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

El Cheapo Preview

Here's a sneak peek at the El Cheapo group break cards.

Here's the deal. After going through the box, 80% of what was in there was junk. Lots of 1991 Score, 1990 Donruss, early Upper Deck... the rotten stuff. It was looking pretty rough.

Since this was a new, unproven seller I was buying from, I picked up two lots, just in case this happened. So there's another medium flat rate box of cards that I'm going to be adding to the El Cheapo. I haven't sorted all of the cards yet, but I think this will at least improve everyone's haul. There were six hits total, so that's nice. Both boxes had about the same amount of junk in them, which I'll sort and show in its awfulness later. For now, I'll just say that there's a bit of 2012 Topps in there, some of this year's Heritage, some odds and ends, some fun early-1980s stuff, and a few surprises.

Monday, May 7, 2012

El Cheapo: The Draw

Alright, time to clear up a few pieces of business before proceeding with the break. First, there are a couple of you who need to pay. Let's get that done, OK? I'm sure there would be a few people who would be happy to see the Yankees go up for grabs again.

Second, I hate to say it, but none of you picked the teams that would have gotten a free jersey card. Let's review.
Card #1 portrays a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer.
That's Craig Biggio. You'd have to be a jerk not to vote for him.

Card #2 portrays a guy who has a shot at making the Hall of Fame.
That's Mike Piazza in a Mets uniform. I think he deserves it, but we'll see.

Card #3 portrays a pair of guys who have an outside shot of making the Hall of Fame.
That would be Josh Beckett and Roy Oswalt. Both are legitimate contenders, but need to do a lot more of what they're doing in the eyes of the crusty voters.
(And to show all the evidence, here's a link to the lot these came from.)

And finally, here's the randomization for everyone who chose a bonus team.

Plugging that order into the empty slots gives us this lineup:
1. Angels - BS
2. Athletics - Thorzul
3. Rangers - The Diamond King
4. Mariners - Thorzul
5. White Sox - Jeff Wilk
6. Indians - BS
7. Royals - BS
8. Twins - BS
9. Tigers - sewingmachineguy
10. Red Sox - Thorzul
11. Yankees - The Diamond King
12. Blue Jays - D a V e
13. Orioles - commishbob
14. Rays - BS
15. Cubs - Thorzul
16. Cardinals - IkesCards
17. Brewers - JWals
18. Pirates - BS
19. Astros - jaybarkerfan
20. Reds - gcrl
21. Padres - BS
22. Diamondbacks - BS
23. Dodgers - gcrl
24. Giants - BS
25. Rockies - daddyohoho
26. Braves - jaybarkerfan
27. Nationals/Expos - BS
28. Mets - commishbob
29. Phillies - daddyohoho
30. Marlins - IkesCards

Feel free to propose trades in the comments. Hopefully I'll get through sorting the cards this week and start posting some of the spoils. Good luck!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Group Break Final Call & Pot Sweetener

I'm putting out the last call for the El Cheapo Break. There are still a bunch of slots left, and some of them are going to be more bountiful than others. This week I won an auction for a Yount card I didn't have, and it happened to be in a small lot of jersey cards. Three of these cards will be put into the Cheapo mix, but only if someone claims the team these players represent.

A few clues:
Card #1 portrays a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer.
Card #2 portrays a guy who has a shot at making the Hall of Fame.
Card #3 portrays a pair of guys who have an outside shot of making the Hall of Fame. (This card will be given out only if someone chooses the team of the first guy on the card.)

If nobody steps up, claims, and pays for the slot for these three teams, I'm just going to keep them. And should it occur, being assigned the team by random draw does not entitle you to the card. There might be enough clues to figure a couple of these out. Good luck!

By the way, the guy I bought the lot from told me he'll ship them out tomorrow.