Monday, May 14, 2012

El Cheapo: AL East

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2009 New York Yankees

Team: Tampa Bay Rays
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Museum Collection Moments Material #MMJR-BU B.J. Upton (17/50)
Probably the best card in the break. That's a BIG piece of jersey. I'll try not to get Doritos dust on it before it makes its way to BS.

Team: Baltimore Orioles
Buyer: commishbob
Favorite Card: 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice You Crash the Game Cal Ripken, Jr./Cecil Fielder
I don't think there were a lot of great cards in the O's pile, but maybe that's just me. This card is still stuck fast, with the scratch-off game unopened.

Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Buyer: D a V e
Favorite Card: 2011 Topps Black Parallel #365 Adam Lind
Not much to say about this one...

Team: Boston Red Sox
Buyer: Thorzul
Favorite Card: 2005 Upper Deck #34 Pedro Martinez
I love how Predro is just alone, lost in his thoughts. "If I had to be Ren or Stimpy, I'd definitely be Ren. No, no... Stimpy."

Team: New York Yankees
Buyer: The Diamond King
Favorite Card: 2011 Bowman Platinum #90 Alex Rodriguez
The Yanks didn't have anything spectacular come out of this lot, but the haul was still pretty solid.

That's three hits down, three left.

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