Saturday, May 12, 2012

El Cheapo: NL Central

The cards have been sorted at last. We're going to go division-by-division starting with the most recent World Series victory and work our way back. I'll show just one card from each team, whichever one I consider the best. Of course, this is all subjective, and many better cards could find their way to you in the lot. And since that one team won the Series last year, we'll start with the National League Central.

Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Buyer: BS
Best Card: 1981 Fleer #380 Rod Scurry
This is a card I actually had when I was little. I loved everything about it: the hat, the bushy hair, the goofy windbreaker, the feeling of claustrophobia... But most of all it's the babe with the tight T-shirt lurking behind Rod. Men's fashions were horrible back in the early-1980s, but the women in what we would now call vintage tees, that's a style I can live with. I picture this woman as a camp counselor in an early Friday the 13th movie. Will she be the final girl?

Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Buyer: JWals
Best Card: 2012 Topps #272 Nyjer Morgan
When you become a parent, you find yourself cheering differently. And by differently, I mostly mean more quietly. I broke that rule at the conclusion of game 5 of the NLDS. Yes, I woke up the baby, but mom was partly responsible, too.

Team: Chicago Cubs
Buyer: Thorzul
Best Card: 1981 Fleer #292 Bill Buckner
This one just beat out a 1981 Topps Dave Kingman. And how the hell did I end up with the Cubs and not the Brewers? Teaching tolerance is working, I suppose.

Team: Cincinnati Reds
Buyer: gcrl
Best Card: 1977 Topps #23 Dan Driessen
I wish I could say there were more '77 Topps in the lot, but this was the only one.

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Buyer: IkesCards
Best Card: 2011 Topps Platinum Diamond #43 Brendan Ryan
According to the back of this card, Brendan plays hacky sack to warm up before games. He needs to be careful; hacking is only a short jump away from turning into LunaStix and drum circles.

Team: Houston Astros
Buyer: jaybarkerfan
Best Card: 1988 Topps Revco #8 Nolan Ryan
Apparently Revco was a pharmacy of some sort. Apparently there aren't any more of them around. Apparently, there weren't any near where I grew up.

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