Sunday, May 13, 2012

El Cheapo: NL West

Most Recent World Series Victory: 2010 San Francisco Giants

Team: San Diego Padres
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Strokes of Genius #SG-HA Justin Hampson, 1994 Topps #620 Tony Gwynn x23
Okay, I'm breaking my one-card-per-team rule here. The Hampson we saw on the preview video, but the Gwynns were lurking underneath. It was odd, since there were only like two or three other 1994 Topps cards in the boxes. You certainly could've picked a worse player to have gotten 23 cards of, though.

Team: Colorado Rockies
Buyer: daddyohoho
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Golden Moments #GMR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
Here's the second of the six hits for this break. Apparently a Mega-Cycle is a cycle that ends with a game-winning home run. The back of the card says Gonzalez was only the fifth player to do this, after Ken Boyer, Cesar Tovar, George Brett, and Dwight Evans.

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 2012 Topps Tribute #85 Justin Upton
That's an expensive worthless base card. Shiny, though.

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Buyer: gcrl
Favorite Card: 2011 Topps Platinum Diamond #388 Kenley Jansen
It was hard to pick a favorite from the Dodgers, since there were actually a few attractive cards to be had. Jansen wins out because of his 0.67 ERA in 2010. The card history anecdote on the back of the card is that "In the 1990 Topps set, card number 388 was Cal Ripken, Jr."

Team: San Francisco Giants
Buyer: BS
Favorite Card: 1981 Fleer #450 Johnnie LeMaster
I wrote about LeMaster almost five years ago when he was ousted in the semifinal of my 1981 Fleer Tournament. Oddly enough, his name came up on an episode of Baseball IQ, the MLB Network trivia show pitting rival front office employees of various MLB teams against one another. Skinny, skinny dude.

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