Friday, May 4, 2012

Group Break Final Call & Pot Sweetener

I'm putting out the last call for the El Cheapo Break. There are still a bunch of slots left, and some of them are going to be more bountiful than others. This week I won an auction for a Yount card I didn't have, and it happened to be in a small lot of jersey cards. Three of these cards will be put into the Cheapo mix, but only if someone claims the team these players represent.

A few clues:
Card #1 portrays a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer.
Card #2 portrays a guy who has a shot at making the Hall of Fame.
Card #3 portrays a pair of guys who have an outside shot of making the Hall of Fame. (This card will be given out only if someone chooses the team of the first guy on the card.)

If nobody steps up, claims, and pays for the slot for these three teams, I'm just going to keep them. And should it occur, being assigned the team by random draw does not entitle you to the card. There might be enough clues to figure a couple of these out. Good luck!

By the way, the guy I bought the lot from told me he'll ship them out tomorrow.

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