Friday, May 18, 2012

Verlander No-Hitter Trivia Question

Alright, this might be jinxing it, but Justin Verlander is getting close to his third no-hitter. Should the Pirates fail to get a hit, here's the question:

Which player has been involved in a Justin Verlander no-hitter as both a loser and a winner?

Update: Of course, I did manage to jinx it. So... who would it have been?


Mad Guru said...

I'm thinking it might be someone with a Brewers connection. Perhaps a free agent signing by the Tigers this past winter?

the sewingmachineguy said...

I don't think so MG. Prince wasn't on a winning JV nono.
I will say Don Kelly.

Thorzul said...

Mad Guru was right. Or, at least, he would have been right. Prince Fielder was in the lineup when the Brewers were no-hit by Verlander in 2007, and he was also playing last night.