Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Like to Call "One Curious Mother-Effing South Korean"

I was cleaning off the desktop last night and I came across a screenshot from a few weeks ago that I hadn't gotten around to using.

Check out those search words! I like the way South Koreans think... you come across an unfamiliar term, you look that shit up. Funk and Wagnalls doesn't have none of that shit, not even in their online edition. You want to know the connection between cheeseburgers and sucking dick, you've got to go right to the primary source, son.

In the 21st century, data analysis is more crucial than ever. Now I know my niche in the lucrative Asian marketplace. Synergy, bitches.


Spankee said...

Wow. Talk about 46 seconds that will change someone's life.

cynicalbuddha said...

You made my day with this one Bill.
I love the fact that he or she wasn't searching for one dick or one cheeseburger, but for dicks and cheeseburgers! This person was interested in multiple penis for multiple burgers. hmmm could be a new niche fetish.

Anthony Hughes said...

The other day, as a joke, I did a google search on my wife's smart phone, was going to leave it out for her to see and get a laugh at.
I searched on "naked fat women" (I think). Anyway, the first thing that came up was "Naked Fat Women playing Twister". and there were pictures.
I love the Internet!

Chris Harris said...

And of y'all want a hamburger?

Todd Uncommon said...

I'm more creeped out that he's using a WindowsNT system. Did they have Web browsers back then? What's he on? Netscape? Mosaic?

Todd Uncommon said...

Wow. Had no idea they made FireFox for NT. That's like making a version of Google Chrome to run on a Speak N' Spell.