Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Edgar Diaz: Milwaukee Rich

As you can plainly see.

Milwaukee Rich is kind of like hood rich, but with a few differences.

Hood Rich: Escalade in your momma's name
Milwaukee Rich: Fully paid-for 1984 Renault Alliance

Hood Rich: Gator boots, pimped out Gucci suit
Milwaukee Rich: Head-to-toe Farm & Fleet, lookin' sweet

Hood Rich: Drinkin' that Hen
Milwaukee Rich: 2-for-1 Schlitz 8 oz. tappers

You catch my drift. Edgar Diaz, man, he was making that sweet baseball money, he even got the tricked out Brew Crew shades. Seriously, those were not available to the general public. Mike Felder had to co-sign the promissory note just so he could get them. Diaz was so fly that his nickname was "Kiki," and I didn't even need to read the back of the card to tell you that.

Damn, I love the summer. Posts that go nowhere, but it don't even matter.


SpastikMooss said...

Now I have Still Fly stuck in my head..."Got a quarter tank of gas...in my new e class..."

Mad Guru said...

I love the Mike Felder reference.

Nathan said...

Man, you are on a freakin' roll. This might be the best stretch of posts in cardblog history