Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ain't No Scrooge

When I got home from vacation last week, there was a piece of mail waiting for me that I hadn't expected. The address wasn't entirely familiar, but I determined that it was sent a jacobmrley over at Starting 9. It was a nice little gift package of Brewers that made coming back to the United States (where I'm decidedly not waited on hand and foot) a little more tolerable. Here's what he sent.

1995 Fleer Team Leaders #8 Greg Vaughn/Ricky Bones
I'm actually in the process of alphabetizing and ordering all of my random Brewers cards, mostly because I'm curious about which Brewers card I have the most copies of. So far I've yet to see this cool insert pop up. It's going into the Vaughn section, not the Bones stash.

1992 Topps Gold #600 Paul Molitor
Wouldn't you know it, there are a small number of Molitor-as-a-Blue Jay cards in the massive Brewers box. I'm too lazy to get up and put them somewhere else, so there they'll stay. Here, he's still a Brewer.

2007 Topps Chrome Refractor #213 J.J. Hardy
The H section of the 5,000-count box is pretty well populated. A bunch of guys with last names starting with H have played for several seasons with the Brew Crew. Bill Hall, Hardy, Corey Hart, and Teddy Higuera are featured on many cards. Even Trevor Hoffman was issued a bunch during a few short years with Milwaukee.

Finally, a trio of Robin Yount food premiums, 1988 Jiffy Pop #20, 1990 Wonder Stars #11, and 1986 Jiffy Pop #5. Of course, I already have all of these. I've already set aside a separate box for mini and oversized cards as well as oddball stuff that doesn't fit the standard size requirements.

Thanks, jacobmrley, I'll have something sent your way soon. And anyone else who has a bunch of Brewers you don't want, even '80s and '90s junk, send them my way.

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jacobmrley said...

With your love of Robin Yount and oddballs I would have bet money you wouldn't have at least one of those. Oh well. My altruistic streak doesn't have to bat 1.000. Glad you appreciated the effort.