Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Nip is in the Air

For the last few days I've detected the cool, crisp air of impending autumn during my morning breakfast. That may be the worst constructed sentence I've ever typed on this blog, but the sentiment is no less true. Fall is coming, and with it, a contest. I was reminded of this when I came across this illustration on a completely unrelated website.

How would Zombie George Brett even know that he shit his pants? That question may never be answered. The problem is, I had a great idea for the Nightmares on Cardboard theme this year, and now I've forgotten it. Perhaps this photo will jog my memory. No worries, I've got more than a month, and so do you. Sharpen those Cray-Pas and charcoal pencils and await my instructions.

1 comment:

Corky said...

Your Nightmares on Cardboard is easily my favorite contest of the year. Though I do wish we had a chill in the air here in Arizona, we are still hitting over 100 degrees.