Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Claim It! #3 (July Break)

Here's the last group of cards that didn't fit into any of the team designations. If you were in the July break, you can claim one of these cards in the comments.

Evan Brophey

Corey Locke

Brett Lindros

Hannu Toivonen

Scottie Upshall

Riley Unroe (As far as I can tell, he's so young that he hasn't been drafted by any team yet. If I'm wrong, correct me and it'll go the the right team.)


BA Benny said...

Lindros please

daddyohoho said...

I would like the Locke please.

Anonymous said...

I would like the Unroe, if he hasn't actually been claimed by any team yet. Thanks.


Berita Arsenal said...

I think more updates and will be returning. I have filtered for qualified edifying substance of this calibre all through the past various hours.