Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guys From the Bucket #2

Back when I started this feature, it was meant to be a more regular part of the blog. Hopefully it won't be five months until you get to read the third in this series.

Name: Gamorrean Guard
Affiliation: Star Wars (Return of the Jedi) - Jabba's Palace
Missing Pieces: Battle Axe

Gamorrean Guards were possibly the stupidest of all of Jabba's hangers-on, which is saying quite a bit. They're basically the rent-a-cops of the Star Wars Universe. Their history and culture has become amazingly extensive, thanks to the Expanded Universe, even though they only get a few seconds of screen time in ROTJ. This guard probably played a more significant role in living room battles, but never emerged as a leader. He can also be made to sit in a spread eagle position, based on the motion of the hip joints. It may have been my only action figure who wore sandals.


SpastikMooss said...

I love this feature, and I had this guy in my bucket too.

Corky said...

I picked up one a number of years ago, gotta love an angry pig with a battle axe.