Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July Group Break: Phillies - Nuggets - Raiders

BUYER: daddyohoho
TEAMS: Phillies, Nuggets, Raiders

1980 Topps #526 Phillies Team
This is your typical '70s/'80s team card. A couple of afros are spotted in the lineup, someone's wearing light blue pants, and the manager is floating above. I love the Phillies name on the scoreboard. (It looks like the way an off-brand soda would have been written back then.) The previous owner of this card was a big Phillies fan of a set collector, because all of the check boxes are filled in on the back.


Yeah, not much else, plus some Dykstra overload like the Mets got. Cheer up, though, daddyohoho, there's still another Claim It! left to go, so there might be something good there for you.

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