Friday, August 10, 2012

MONDO Break: Blue Jays, Brewers

Well, this should be a lot more interesting than the July Break. I'm going to start with the smallest/cheapest lots and then move into the heavy stuff. I actually made a mistake when I wrote the original post, leaving a couple of teams off the list since they were at the bottom of a word document. I forgot to scroll down, and in doing so I left the Blue Jays off the list. But there were a couple, so I made sure to let stalwart Canadian D a V e know they were available. I think he'll be glad he joined

TEAM: Toronto Blue Jays
BUYER: D a V e
Vernon Wells Patch (05/25)

And if that isn't enough...
Vernon Wells Patch (20/25)

Ten bucks for two patch cards is pretty hard to beat, even if the guy isn't on your team anymore. Speaking of which...

TEAM: Milwaukee Brewers
BUYER: Thorzul
Prince Fielder Jersey

Yeah, not exactly the lot built just for me, with only one Brewer. But it's a good one. Yesterday I went to Pick N' Save (a local grocery chain) and I saw a dude wearing a Prince Tigers jersey. I gotta say, I still like the guy, and I wish him well.

More MONDO card to come

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