Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MONDO Break: Giants

TEAM: San Francisco / New York Giants

As your tour guide to the Giants Baseball Card Museum, I will remind you to remain behind the velvet ropes, stay with the tour group, and refrain from flash photography. Follow me.

The first place we will visit is the Will Clark Wing, which houses pieces dating back to 1986.
Will Clark Jersey x3
This modern work evokes Warhol's Campell's Soup Cans, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

Will Clark Jersey
Mid-period Clark, one of the commonest examples of his craft.

Will Clark Jersey (90/99)
Truly a legendary piece, one of the finest examples of his Blue Period.

Off we head to the Jeff Kent Wing, one of the least-visited areas of the museum. Don't mind the draft you feel, it's something our crew is working on.
Jeff Kent Jersey
It might interest you to know that Rabelais, in addition to literature, also produced several early specimens of relic cards.

Jeff Kent Bat (15/25)
Mr. Kent also dabbled in wood relief prints, this being one of his most scarce.

Jeff Kent Jersey
In many cases, the value of the frame can outweigh that of the print. This is one of those instances.

Traveling Collection

Bobby Thomson Jersey
Before settling in the Haight-Ashbury district, many of the makers of Giants ephemera emigrated from the east coast.

Matt Cain Jersey (121/199)
The word is thrown around ad nauseam, but Cain produced one of the few works that could truly be considered "perfect."

Tim Lincecum Jersey x2
As we head toward the exit, let's take one last glimpse at one of the medium's most hallowed members. After a brilliant beginning, this young man was caught in the throes of opium addiction and never regained his earlier form.

Thank you for being a great tour group, please stop in the gift shop before heading to your cars.


Play at the Plate said...

Wish I'd have bought the Giants just for the Will Clark stack. Non-buyers remorse.

Anonymous said...

I'm open to trade. Looking for Yankees, Phillies, old 50's Giants and anything Dave Winfield related. Let me know if you wanna haggle.


Mad Guru said...

Do you feel like we'll see a day in the near future where jersey cards will be so commonplace that we will use them for bipping purposes? "Haha, a stack of 30 Will Clark jersey cards! You got me!!!!"